Monday, November 14, 2011

Frig Tourny Hosted By Korg Tronix

Just a quick shout out for Korg Tronix, the pilot behind the blog The Mabinogian. He has decided to host a Frig Tournament. The date, time, and location are hush hush atm but will be revealed soon enough I'm sure!

Details can be found HERE

KBG will be putting a few pilots in so join up and enjoy so GF's!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What's Your Eve Personality?

Just like in the real world, Eve is filled with an assortment of personalities! Each one has its place in eve of course but there are a few that we could probably do without and as a game be just fine if not better off! I got a few that I've come across over the few years I've been playing.

Personality 1 - The Silent

Whether its intended or not, I found this personality to be more of a loner. They tend to stay in their original npc corps or make one of their own and play carebear. The only talking in local you will see from them is if they are in a hub trying to sell items via contracts. Some times, after buying a certain item, you might get a mail or a private chat telling you of the other things they sell and if you buy from them in bulk you may get a discount but try making small talk and you'll hear crickets! Other than that you may never even notice them.

Personality 2 - The 12 Year Old

We have all run into this personality. At first they seem normal. They are usually in their 20's or 30's and 95% of the time don't have family. (IE wife and/or kids) Then, out of no where, their caps lock gets "broken" and their porno collection is magically connected to corp chat and local. Every Comment out of their mouth is racial and childish. Really not much I can say about this group that everyone doesn't already know. And to be clear I'm not talking about the random outburst in local that WE ALL have at some point but the people that log on and the first comment in corp is is a WASSUP %#$%^$% I JUST GOT DONE $%@*^@^ YOUR SISTER! That's the douche bag I'm talking about!

Personality 3 - The Celebrity

Ever log on or jump into a system and more than 10 people tell you O/ in local? No? Then this isn't you. Yes, I'm sure some of my fellow bloggers get noticed more often than others in local chat but I'm talking about the local celebrity. The one that comes into system and everyone starts up a convo with. The one that logs on just to have these players talk to him. He is the type of player that is easiest to read. Usually in the same system and docked in the same station or outside the same station in the same ship as every other day. Strike up an argument against him and 30 locals jump in to defend him. He makes a joke about you and 30 locals laugh at it in unison! Ask him for a 1v1 and he happily declines and says he must log soon! Our blogging "celebrity" is a full blog post worth of stuff so I wont go there for now.

Personality 4 - The My Way Is Best Way

This type is primarily found in PvP players but holds true to our carebears as well. They fly a few select ships vary rarely flying anything else. They are usually flying with the same buffs and the same implants. Now that isn't so bad right? Fly what you know and such. But its the attitude you get from them that makes them stand out! If you cant fly their ships the way they want and with the build they want, you suck. If you don't kill things in the same manner they kill things then its considered "faggotry" and you suck. You don't do as much damage on a killmail as they think you should then you suck. You don't have the amount of solo kills as they think you should, you suck. If you don't spend all your isk on one epic ship just to lose it a few days later like they do, you suck. Then they lose 3 bil worth of ships and claim they haven't had fun with the game for a while...

Personality 5 - The Carelessly Content

This is the type I feel like best describes me. This type is content with where they are in the game. They don't feel like they need to go make the most isk, have the biggest ships, or get the most kills. They just want to play. They wanna play the way they play and not let anyone else tell them how to play. Sounds similar to the personality 4 but the main difference is they don't try and force their play style onto others. They may not always have or be able to afford the right ships for roams. Not so much to the extent that they refuse to bring a certain ship to an organized and preplanned roam but to the extent that if they don't have the ship or cant get the ship, they don't want to be bitched at for participating in a impromptu roam with one of the few ships they have available. They usually don't whine or complain because they could care less about what anyone really thinks. Being so content can cause carelessness as well though. I tend to get podded more often then not because I'm just not frantic enough to get the pod out. I also tend to find bait and knowing that it is indeed bait try and see what i can do before support comes.

What gets me the most when it comes to these personalities is how they each have a little bit of the other in it or how by being categorized in one can sometimes mean you fit into another. Take the 12 year old. If he rants and raves in a single system for too long he is going to become well known to the locals. Eventually he will be getting all the attention he wants and will continue to play that role for the masses. In return that player becomes a celebrity. I mean lets face it, who said everyone had to like a celebrity? Looking at 4 and 5, they can both be arrogant and prideful. Both being stuck in their ways of doing things means they will most likely clash. The clashing can be negative or positive depending on the individuals but that's another discussion! Number 5 could be so content that they are used doing things by themselves and for themselves that they seem like loners and seem quiet even in a decent sized corp. They might be more focused on themselves in this case and less on the corp. Corp is roaming and they go out solo, that kind of thing. Gives the feeling of The Silent in a way.

Now I know there are so many different personalities out there but this is just my attempt to categorize a few of them. You may call them something different but no matter what you call them I'm 100% sure you've seen 1 of each if you've played Eve long enough!