Monday, November 14, 2011

Frig Tourny Hosted By Korg Tronix

Just a quick shout out for Korg Tronix, the pilot behind the blog The Mabinogian. He has decided to host a Frig Tournament. The date, time, and location are hush hush atm but will be revealed soon enough I'm sure!

Details can be found HERE

KBG will be putting a few pilots in so join up and enjoy so GF's!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What's Your Eve Personality?

Just like in the real world, Eve is filled with an assortment of personalities! Each one has its place in eve of course but there are a few that we could probably do without and as a game be just fine if not better off! I got a few that I've come across over the few years I've been playing.

Personality 1 - The Silent

Whether its intended or not, I found this personality to be more of a loner. They tend to stay in their original npc corps or make one of their own and play carebear. The only talking in local you will see from them is if they are in a hub trying to sell items via contracts. Some times, after buying a certain item, you might get a mail or a private chat telling you of the other things they sell and if you buy from them in bulk you may get a discount but try making small talk and you'll hear crickets! Other than that you may never even notice them.

Personality 2 - The 12 Year Old

We have all run into this personality. At first they seem normal. They are usually in their 20's or 30's and 95% of the time don't have family. (IE wife and/or kids) Then, out of no where, their caps lock gets "broken" and their porno collection is magically connected to corp chat and local. Every Comment out of their mouth is racial and childish. Really not much I can say about this group that everyone doesn't already know. And to be clear I'm not talking about the random outburst in local that WE ALL have at some point but the people that log on and the first comment in corp is is a WASSUP %#$%^$% I JUST GOT DONE $%@*^@^ YOUR SISTER! That's the douche bag I'm talking about!

Personality 3 - The Celebrity

Ever log on or jump into a system and more than 10 people tell you O/ in local? No? Then this isn't you. Yes, I'm sure some of my fellow bloggers get noticed more often than others in local chat but I'm talking about the local celebrity. The one that comes into system and everyone starts up a convo with. The one that logs on just to have these players talk to him. He is the type of player that is easiest to read. Usually in the same system and docked in the same station or outside the same station in the same ship as every other day. Strike up an argument against him and 30 locals jump in to defend him. He makes a joke about you and 30 locals laugh at it in unison! Ask him for a 1v1 and he happily declines and says he must log soon! Our blogging "celebrity" is a full blog post worth of stuff so I wont go there for now.

Personality 4 - The My Way Is Best Way

This type is primarily found in PvP players but holds true to our carebears as well. They fly a few select ships vary rarely flying anything else. They are usually flying with the same buffs and the same implants. Now that isn't so bad right? Fly what you know and such. But its the attitude you get from them that makes them stand out! If you cant fly their ships the way they want and with the build they want, you suck. If you don't kill things in the same manner they kill things then its considered "faggotry" and you suck. You don't do as much damage on a killmail as they think you should then you suck. You don't have the amount of solo kills as they think you should, you suck. If you don't spend all your isk on one epic ship just to lose it a few days later like they do, you suck. Then they lose 3 bil worth of ships and claim they haven't had fun with the game for a while...

Personality 5 - The Carelessly Content

This is the type I feel like best describes me. This type is content with where they are in the game. They don't feel like they need to go make the most isk, have the biggest ships, or get the most kills. They just want to play. They wanna play the way they play and not let anyone else tell them how to play. Sounds similar to the personality 4 but the main difference is they don't try and force their play style onto others. They may not always have or be able to afford the right ships for roams. Not so much to the extent that they refuse to bring a certain ship to an organized and preplanned roam but to the extent that if they don't have the ship or cant get the ship, they don't want to be bitched at for participating in a impromptu roam with one of the few ships they have available. They usually don't whine or complain because they could care less about what anyone really thinks. Being so content can cause carelessness as well though. I tend to get podded more often then not because I'm just not frantic enough to get the pod out. I also tend to find bait and knowing that it is indeed bait try and see what i can do before support comes.

What gets me the most when it comes to these personalities is how they each have a little bit of the other in it or how by being categorized in one can sometimes mean you fit into another. Take the 12 year old. If he rants and raves in a single system for too long he is going to become well known to the locals. Eventually he will be getting all the attention he wants and will continue to play that role for the masses. In return that player becomes a celebrity. I mean lets face it, who said everyone had to like a celebrity? Looking at 4 and 5, they can both be arrogant and prideful. Both being stuck in their ways of doing things means they will most likely clash. The clashing can be negative or positive depending on the individuals but that's another discussion! Number 5 could be so content that they are used doing things by themselves and for themselves that they seem like loners and seem quiet even in a decent sized corp. They might be more focused on themselves in this case and less on the corp. Corp is roaming and they go out solo, that kind of thing. Gives the feeling of The Silent in a way.

Now I know there are so many different personalities out there but this is just my attempt to categorize a few of them. You may call them something different but no matter what you call them I'm 100% sure you've seen 1 of each if you've played Eve long enough!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekly Round Up

So our wars are over. (Except against Amarr obviously) Almost Epic was more of an epic fail since they had hardly any active members and have since dropped from 65 members to 45 members. I'm assuming the members that left were the active ones. Our war with Black Rebel Rifter Club has ended mainly due to their lack of isk. We would have made the war mutual and kept it going for them but Nashh is still MIA with computer problems so that was out of the question. So we ended up showing our superiority with an 8-1 victory. It was good fun and they got a lot of good pilots but the original "they suck, we're better" comment still stands for the time being!

Since the 1st of Oct, the KBG has been running an in corp competition for kills with a T1 cruiser. Only one more day till the competition ends and currently out of all our members, so far only 3 have participated in some form. At the moment I am leading with 21 kills, Nashh is in 2nd with 9 kills, and Anabaric in third with 2 kills. We also have a side competition going for most solo kills in the T1 cruiser and Nashh and myself are tied with 3 and Anabaric has 2. What will be fun is if it ends this way me and Nashh will have to have a 1v1 in our T1 cruisers to decide the prize winner, but if Anabaric gets one more solo kill in his cruiser then we get to have a 3 way..... Mmmmmm..... Could be fun!

Besides the wars and competition, I've been goofing around in epic, fully fit T1 frigs. Had a couple little fights and managed to survive in hull both times thanks to the help of corpies, but I survived non-the-less. First fight came early in the week. I literally signed on for 5 min the check skills, saw chatter about fighting, undocked in a T1 fit tristan for lawlz, warped to planet, and had a navy comet and malediction warp on top of me. For some odd reason they both stayed within range and for the longest time did no damage to me. As soon as I had one pointed I yelled in corp where to warp and waited 30 sec for help to come. During that 30 sec I managed to get the navy comet to half shields like a pro while they slowly start burning away my shields, then my armor, and as I'm hitting hull the support lands and we finish off the navy comet and then the malediction. I warped away in 25% structure and logged a few minutes after that!

The next day I log in and jump on mumble to hear Lex having a laugh over a 1v1 he is in. Apparently the battle went on for about 30 min as neither ships tank could be broken. I undocked in the trusty old T1 fit rifter and headed their way. The 1v1 was soon broken up by a hurricane who warped off once we started coming into system. I saw where he warped and followed but guessed wrong at the range and he got away before I could get point. Luckily as he warp of the vengeance that Lex was fighting warps on top of me. Fully expecting to play hero tackle and go down for the kill I burn at him hit him with point, web, and nuet and call for backup. Support lands and we manage to finish the vengeance off and keep my ship at 50% structure. Was great fun. I can't seem to get rid of these T1 fit frigs!

KBG is continuing to grow. We got a few future recruits still in OUCH learning the basics and I'm looking forward to getting them in a few of Lex's fleets to see how well they explode! We still have plenty of room to grow and some great pilots if new recruits have any questions or need some fits! As usual any info can be had through myself, Nashh Kadavr, or Cyber Ten about recruitment and such.

Friday, October 21, 2011

War On 3 Fronts

War #1 - Amarr/Caldari

Although we don't really care about the militia war efforts (besides gaining rank and a small amount of lp there is nothing to gain for killing or taking  other militia systems) it has offered us a few fun filled fights on gates and stations without the worry of sentry guns! That's really the only perk for being in the militia right now. One of the things i dislike about this war is its too much like null sec! They blob so we blob. We blob so they blob. Endless cycle really. The Minmatar militia's "secure" channel isn't so secure and and no decent intel or fleets are posted in there. So when the KGB got kicked out of that channel it wasn't a loss! (BTW Nashh..... we got kicked out of minnie militia secure.... oops!)

War #2 - Almost Epic..... riiiiiiiiiiiiiight

So this corp was founded on the basis of training noobs for pvp and militia. (so they claimed in a few of their rants) But apparently training has been canceled or the trainers are retarded because one of their members didn't get the overview training that he needed. He fired upon and taunted Nashh in local while Nashh, also in local, was telling him they were in the same militia. Nashh exploded and soon sent a mail to the CEO of above corp with our demands. Demands were not met so we war dec them. In the past week of war we have killed 5 and lost 1 and have also been watching their member count drop. Rumor has it that they are fail cascading due to inactiveness and lack of talent but until then war wages on and more of their isk will be lost! This war is the main reason we have been kicked from militia secure channel.

War #3 - Black Rebel Rifter Club

Although this one has not started yet, it looks to be an exciting war. The Rebels have heard our global advertisements and noticed (quite slowly mind you) that they were mentioned by us as being "not quite rivals" of the KGB but more or less easy targets for our pilots! In order to try and prove us wrong they have war dec'd us. I find this war to be very one sided. They easily out number us 3-1 but we will allow them to bring friends to even the odds if necessary. Either way there will be plenty of GFGF's to be had in this war and many wrecks to be looted.

All in all the next week or so will be action filled and great fun!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kadavr Black Guard Broadcasted Worldwide

We had a bit of a chat with Kirith Kodachi on his Ninveah Podcast which was great fun... Nashh got a fat head and spoke all about himself for the first 19 min but about that time Cyber Ten and myself chimed in and got the good stuff rolling. Listen in HERE!

Maybe we will be doing this ften with new voices and intel on some nub war targets! Tis all for now!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Battle Report!

A few battle reports that stand out over the past week!

Tues Oct 11

Nashh logs on and we jump in fleet getting ready to do a quick little roam around our home. 20 sec into having fleet formed and Nashh jumping into next system, he says in comms that he is being targeted by 2 rifters. Nashh is flashy so the rifters can engage on gate but they just target at first and seeing as Nashh was in his rupture it makes since for them to not fire too hastily. They eventually open up guns as Nashh sees loki on scan. He jumps back into Dal and warps to sun just in time for the loki pilot to jump in behind and see where he went. The rifters eventually jump in and warp onto Nashh along with the loki. Being the epic pvpers that we are, in the short time we had already set up to catch the loki. Nashh easily takes out a rifter by himself while he removes point on the other rifter to point the loki. (Nashh had a temporary lack of faith in our arazu pilot) The second rifter warped but by then no one cared as the loki was pointed by 3 of our ships and ecm'd by our falcon. He went down with a glorious explosion. He refused a convo for ransom so his pod was soon to follow.

Wed Oct 12

We were roaming around Amarr space looking for the usual blob but only really finding scared little rabbits. We come across a drake that seems to want to play. We engage on gate and he quickly ceases fire and waits out his jump timer. He barely makes it out but as he jumps, a hurricane and armageddon warp in. Both ships start to cycle there guns but eventually the hurricane moves out of range as all our focus is on the armageddon and its juicy kill mail. He eventually goes down as the hurricane jumps through gate. We stick around a bit to loot and see if anything else decides to come our way. The hurricane soon jumps back in as a navy issue omen comes on scan. They call hurricane primary as nothing else is on field at that time but soon enough the omen lands and primary changes. I fall to the guns of the hurricane as I start slowing down and changing direction to get in range for the omen. The omen is dropped easily enough and the cane warped or jumped back through gate.

Later that night, in an attempt to save Nashh from a presumed station camp, Lex and myself set off to scream at the fleet in local! Lex jumped in to system to find a neutral daredevil willing to play. The loot gods where kind to Lex in this nice show of Kadavr superiority. Come to find out Nashh was being a dweeb and wasn't being camped at all!

Thurs Oct 13

Nashh decided to test his probing skills with his newly trained probing alt and 6 jumps later finds a tengu plexing. I rally the troops into fleet and we head out as quickly as possible to make pew! 5 min later we are on out gate waiting for jump and warp command. Tackle jumps in, warps to site and.... nothing. Instead of keeping eyes on target the tackle got fleet warped to site. So Nashh keeps his cloaky alt at site as tackle jumps out to give the illusion of boredom. Just as tackle jumps out Nashh says tengu is back. Thinking all or nothing at this point Nashh orders everyone to jump in... I slapped him around a bit and got everyone to at least give the tackle a head start so we don't alert the tengu pilot too soon. We jump in and warp as tackle is being called. Scan shows a hurricane besides ours somewhere but local shows a friendly of our targeted tengu. Our vagabond tackle goes down under the assault of the cane and tengu but the tengu soon drops under the assault of 4 neuts and 12 guns. Cane pilot valiantly fought to the bitter end for his tengu friend but in the end the black guard won the day.

So far, very little isk lost to a whole lot of isk destroyed. Definitely not the only kills of the week but some of the more notable so far! Fly safe!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Divide and Conquer

So today was full of amarr fail. Me and Cyber Ten , one of KGB's most recent additions, decide to fly around amarr space and deliver some good news. Me in the stabber and Cyber in a wolf, we settled into Kourmonen, dropped some probes but just weren't able to catch anybody. A few hits on the probes ended up leading directly to stations or empty space. So we decide to move on to Huola. I go ahead and warp to gate while cyber pulls in drones and such from an alt. As usual while im in warp to the gate a fleet jumps through same gate. Fun times and amarr fails are about to happen!

Ok so I land on gate and see at least 10 amarr there. Now being a pro gtfo pilot I effortlessly go into gtfo mode. Quick check to see ships types and an easy assumption of what this fleet will do. Basic stuff really. They will lock and engage me with one ship while jumping the rest of their fleet in for an "easy" kill. The above happens according to plan and, instead of being a frantic newb and thinking I gotta jump in asap and beat the fleet to warp, I hold on gate. 75% shields, hold on gate. 50% shields, hold on gate. 25% shields, hold on gate. 15% shields, incoming gate fire from hostile ship, out going gate fire from me! Amarr fail #1. Dunno the ship that came through but I do know it was apart of that fleet! I also know that its one less dps on the other side of gate. So holding cloak and letting some shield regen I look around and see nothing of real concern and it seemed to me they were relying on a dramiel for tackle so meh easy stuff. 25% shield (plenty) I approach gate breaking my cloak and hit the mwd. Red boxes everywhere with ships and drones coming at me and I jump through 10% shields and leave them with no kill and an aggression timer to deal with. Fail tackle = Amarr fail #2

By this time I'm thinking to myself, at most ill have to get clear of 2 ships or kill them.. either way im golden. Well apparently they brought along a few more friends for some fun. About 6 ships on this side no big deal to get away from them, just gotta wait for the right time. 2 things worked to my advantage at this point. First, my cloaked location was directly between the out gate and the hostiles for an easy align that would work for my benefit and second, I had loki boosts! Loki boost gave my mwd speed output a nice little boost. So align to Auga gate, mwd, overheat and I'm gone. Now I could have gone to a safe but that's no fun. I ran my mwd  to the point where my cap would be empty after next cycle then I warped. OH NOES CANT MAKE IT ALL THE WAY!!!! Well they didnt know that. So naturally they chase the stabber. Well a crow and a dramiel chase the stabber. I end up 3k away from gate. Cyber is on gate and watches the dram and crow land. I warp to gate immedietly thinking we can kill at least one of these guys before fleet comes. I land, start targeting the crow and the dram... jumps?Fail #3. Crow aggresses and we make short work of this pilot. As he splodes the dram returns to system and the fleet is just landing on gate. Cyber burns out of range and I decide to go crazy and warp back to the Hualo gate at zero. No one on gate but the dram lands right behind and decides to.....jump??Fail #4  Apparently this smart guy thought I was gonna jump out?? Well I align to safe and hit mwd again. Dram pilot returns to system and starts burning towards me. I warp to safe then decide I need repairs! Another corp mate decides to join up and while I'm repairing they kill a nice little slicer.

So we toy with this fleet for a bit more. trying to get their smaller ships to come at us so we could burn them down and warp before fleet landed but eventually they got bored with us and went back to Hualo. Naturally we were having too much fun and by this time 2 more corp mates had joined up for some pew so we were feeling good. We jump in and the gate is clear. We disperse throughout the system checking for anything that might be fun to splode and find nothing. good bit of stuff on scans but nothing reachable. Then we get a slicer on scan near the Kourmonen gate. I warp and land on top of a slicer. With only a disruptor fit I figured id have to run the mwd full time to stay within range of my disruptor. My plan went well until I burned out disruptor and mwd. Slicer warped off in structure as a dominix landed with something else I didn't stick around to see. I dock up, repair, and jump back to Kourmonen for a more controlled environment. I'm scanning at a safe in Kourmonen when the original fight on the Hualo gate began. Original targets were Amarr for sure but at some point  neutrals came into the fight started attacking our flashy guys! I target them looking for weakest link and find a ceptor already taking damage from Anabaric's stabber. Trying to help my corp mate out I decide to take gcc and my chances with the gate guns. Overheated weapons and we make short work of the ceptor. I got out with a bit of armor damage but Anabaric was held down by a rapier and fleet issue stabber and popped a few seconds later.

Cyber Ten had to call it quits to go shave his legs for swim practice and I decided to take a break and watch a movie. All in all a productive day since I finally have more kills than losses since joining Kadavr Corps! I'm also currently ahead in a corp competition so good news all around XD

Monday, September 26, 2011

Amarr Tears and Contradictions!

In usual fashion Nassh Kadavr logs in and we start getting ready for a nice bit of possible pew. We set out and don't even get to leave system. Nashh in his Sleipnir landed on a gate where a neutral Dominix was on gate. Soon enough comes a gate fire and an Amarr Machariel decloaks and both ships target Nashh. Thinking they are working together Nashh warps off with a bit of banter in local!

[ 2011.09.24 02:55:02 ] Nashh Kadavr > Brutis Kahn o/
[ 2011.09.24 03:02:09 ] Lord's Servant > awww
[ 2011.09.24 03:02:10 ] Lord's Servant > nassh
[ 2011.09.24 03:02:16 ] Nashh Kadavr > wait
[ 2011.09.24 03:02:16 ] Lord's Servant > y u run? :)
[ 2011.09.24 03:02:38 ] Nashh Kadavr > Lord's Servant & Brutis Kahn are together ?
[ 2011.09.24 03:02:40 ] Nashh Kadavr > wtf
[ 2011.09.24 03:02:46 ] Nashh Kadavr > i thought podla was cool

Turns out that they were not working together but because of the Mach entering the field, all 3 thought the other 2 were together. (This is where Amarr Contradictions start) The Domi pilot soon popped but got his pod out. Realizing we could get a few kills out of this we team up with the neutral pilot and supply him with a fresh Myrmidon. Using the illusion that we aren't in fleet together and that Nashh is "afk" we get the Myrm to bait the Mach close enough to the station to launch our counter attack!

The Mach gets sucked in rather easily, believing he is going to get another easy kill. His friends, who had left system, are back and about that time I land on the field with my armor Cane and Nashh undocks his Thanny and starts the reps. Mach starts a slow melt with the Myrm and Canes guns + drones but soon begins a much greater melt when the Thanny fighters get on him. About half armor on the Mach and a buddy of his drops in with a Harpy. No big deal really but the Mach pops and the Harpy is still there. Points on him and he drops in time for their friends in a Drake and a Cynabal to warp in.

The Drake and Cynabal were a bit far from each other (at least for my armor fit Cane) so I focused all I had on the closest ship which was the Drake. Myrm and Thanny focus on the juicy Cynabal while I over heated my scram and webs to hold the Drake down. I didn't get on the Cynabal kill mail but about the time it popped I over overheated my points and they burned out.
I'm assuming the Drake stayed because he knew his fate but he had a good 30 sec to warp off before the Myrm could point him. He popped non the less. A fleet of about 15+ Amarr came before we had time to do anything else and we decided to dock up for repairs and such to see what they do. We naturally stayed out long enough to verify that they were indeed coming for us!

Now for the tears and contradictions! I want everyone to notice the YELLOW tears and the BLUE background contradictions. Also the one idiot with the WHITE background! Tears are easy enough to get but the contradictions ill help you out with!

They bitch about being ganked yet they ganked the Dominix 10 min earlier! Fail! IN the bottom mail between involved parties the Amarr claims he was originally soloing yet 5 Amarr, 4 of which are in same corp, are on that same Dominix kill. Fail again! He also states "WE assumed seeing as there were other WT's in local you'd come in and give US a fight" Notice the WE and the US indicating he wasn't alone! Then he mentions his backup was a bit overkill for the Dominix and again proving he wasn't alone. Notice in the local logs he says he would never blob. Then in eve mails he claims the Amarr blob came because of the carrier. Regardless the reasons, a blob is a blob! FAIL FAIL FAIL!

[2011.09.24 03:25:38 ] Lord's Servant > meh gf
[ 2011.09.24 03:25:44 ] Lord's Servant > thanny bit is a bit meh
[ 2011.09.24 03:25:49 ] Lord's Servant > id be fine with a neuting phoon or domi
[ 2011.09.24 03:30:51 ] Lord's Servant > aww cmon
[ 2011.09.24 03:30:54 ] Lord's Servant > bring dem shinies out
[ 2011.09.24 03:30:59 ] Lord's Servant > I brought mine
[ 2011.09.24 03:31:07 ] Stogfia > doooooit
[ 2011.09.24 03:31:08 ] Lord's Servant > u brought out a carrier
[ 2011.09.24 03:31:12 ] Lord's Servant > Im fine with that
[ 2011.09.24 03:31:15 ] Lord's Servant > just give us a fight at least
[ 2011.09.24 03:31:22 ] Lord's Servant > dont stay docked and not give us a fight :(
 [2011.09.24 03:31:29 ] Acute Dragonis > gf guys
[ 2011.09.24 03:33:03 ] Lord's Servant > no gf? :(
[ 2011.09.24 03:33:36 ] Brutis Kahn > gf
[ 2011.09.24 03:34:06 ] Lord's Servant > I mean gf as in u guys actually fight :(
[ 2011.09.24 03:34:08 ] Lord's Servant > instead of gank

[ 2011.09.24 03:34:25 ] Nashh Kadavr > meh
[ 2011.09.24 03:34:32 ] Lord's Servant > I was flying a mach I understand u dont exactly engage solo
[ 2011.09.24 03:34:34 ] Lord's Servant > 4 v 1 np
[ 2011.09.24 03:34:36 ] Lord's Servant > im fine with that :)
[ 2011.09.24 03:34:42 ] Lord's Servant > im even fine with dying, as I did
[ 2011.09.24 03:34:46 ] Lord's Servant > but to bring a carrier....

[ 2011.09.24 03:34:52 ] Lord's Servant > and THEN when we rebalance the scales
[ 2011.09.24 03:34:52 ] Nashh Kadavr > meh

[ 2011.09.24 03:34:58 ] Nashh Kadavr > you brought a fleet lol
[ 2011.09.24 03:35:00 ] Lord's Servant > u just dock up and blueball us?
[ 2011.09.24 03:35:05 ] Lord's Servant > u undocked a carrier :P
[ 2011.09.24 03:35:17 ] Nashh Kadavr > you had a mach and a tangyu and some otehr stuffs
[ 2011.09.24 03:35:23 ] Nashh Kadavr > i had a sleipnir
[ 2011.09.24 03:35:25 ] Acute Dragonis > we didnt bring a carrier
[ 2011.09.24 03:35:30 ] Acute Dragonis > it was already here
[ 2011.09.24 03:35:35 ] Nashh Kadavr > lol
[ 2011.09.24 03:35:47 ] Lord's Servant > mach vs domi and sleip was a relatively even fight
[ 2011.09.24 03:35:57 ] Lord's Servant > we assumed seeing as there were other WT's in local youd come in and give us a fight [ 2011.09.24 03:35:58 ] Nashh Kadavr > well
[ 2011.09.24 03:36:02 ] Nashh Kadavr > i wasnt w the domi
[ 2011.09.24 03:36:11 ] Nashh Kadavr > we only teqamed up after tbh
[ 2011.09.24 03:36:12 ] Lord's Servant > I know
[ 2011.09.24 03:36:29 ] Lord's Servant > I know, and as a result my backup was a bit over the top for the domi :P [ 2011.09.24 03:36:47 ] Nashh Kadavr > lol np man
[ 2011.09.24 03:36:49 ] Lord's Servant > but undocking a CARRIER for a solo mach with some possible backup?
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:00 ] Nashh Kadavr > i think a gf is fair then all in all no?
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:10 ] Lord's Servant > undock 4 ppl, hell undock a neuting phoone or domi but a carrier off the bat? :P
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:19 ] Lord's Servant > it was a gf til the carrier
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:22 ] Lord's Servant > it could stil BE a gf
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:24 ] Lord's Servant > if u give us a fight
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:27 ] Acute Dragonis > if ya got it flaunt it
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:30 ] Lord's Servant > but it doesnt look that way :(
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:31 ] Nashh Kadavr > lol
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:33 ] Lord's Servant > precisely :)
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:35 ] Nashh Kadavr > soz man
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:36 ] Lord's Servant > I got it I flaunt it
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:44 ] Lord's Servant > but I dont look to do faggoty stuff with it
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:45 ] Nashh Kadavr > i dont have any bs's
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:56 ] Nashh Kadavr > i use the carreir for transport only
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:58 ] Nashh Kadavr > well
[ 2011.09.24 03:38:02 ] Nashh Kadavr > untill just now
[ 2011.09.24 03:38:08 ] Lord's Servant > 3 BCs work p. well too...
[ 2011.09.24 03:38:11 ] Hans Jagerblitzen > this is really funny....amarr complaining that they cant get a GF :)
[ 2011.09.24 03:38:15 ] Hans Jagerblitzen > /emote grabs popcorn
[ 2011.09.24 03:38:30 ] Lord's Servant > hold two secs
[ 2011.09.24 03:38:34 ] Lord's Servant > /emote checks history
[ 2011.09.24 03:38:45 ] Lord's Servant > nope, not the same guy
[ 2011.09.24 03:38:52 ] Lord's Servant > anyhoo
[ 2011.09.24 03:38:59 ] Brutis Kahn > I have to admit, after all the times I've been blue balled or blobbed by amarr, i haven't got a lot of sympathy =)
[ 2011.09.24 03:39:03 ] Lord's Servant > its just kinda meh
[ 2011.09.24 03:39:11 ] Hans Jagerblitzen > yeah
[ 2011.09.24 03:39:13 ] Lord's Servant > I will never blue ball or blob
[ 2011.09.24 03:39:21 ] Brutis Kahn > Then why are you in amarr? :P
[ 2011.09.24 03:39:22 ] Lord's Servant > and I up til now expected the same of Nash and his crew
[ 2011.09.24 03:39:22 ] Hans Jagerblitzen > so next time we're out in BC's, leave the baddons in station
[ 2011.09.24 03:39:36 ] Hans Jagerblitzen > and just go balls out with same size fleet, best men win
[ 2011.09.24 03:39:39 ] Lord's Servant > (there are very few ppl in minnie fw I consider up for GFs, and I thought Nash was, but....)
[ 2011.09.24 03:39:46 ] Nashh Kadavr > soz Lord's Servant i offered what i thought was comming
[ 2011.09.24 03:39:58 ] Acute Dragonis > and it did
[ 2011.09.24 03:40:00 ] Acute Dragonis > just late
[ 2011.09.24 03:40:07 ] Predator Elite > dame shut it u fucker
[ 2011.09.24 03:40:17 ] Lord's Servant > anyhoo
[ 2011.09.24 03:40:19 ] Nashh Kadavr > i think we did battal w 3 vs many and we chose ships to suit that
[ 2011.09.24 03:40:21 ] Nashh Kadavr > tbh
[ 2011.09.24 03:40:32 ] Nashh Kadavr > you had bs, strat, and assorted stuff
[ 2011.09.24 03:40:41 ] Nashh Kadavr > we had 2 bc and a carreir
[ 2011.09.24 03:40:44 ] Nashh Kadavr > so
[ 2011.09.24 03:40:47 ] Lord's Servant > eh not really, but Ill hit ya back later :)
[ 2011.09.24 03:40:52 ] Nashh Kadavr > isk wize you brought 4 times as much as we did
[ 2011.09.24 03:40:54 ] Lord's Servant > just dont go using that carrier again
[ 2011.09.24 03:40:56 ] Lord's Servant > trust me :)
[ 2011.09.24 03:41:02 ] Nashh Kadavr > as i said
[ 2011.09.24 03:41:07 ] Nashh Kadavr > its a transport ship
[ 2011.09.24 03:41:08 ] Lord's Servant > ask kirith about ppl i know :p
[ 2011.09.24 03:41:10 ] Lord's Servant > o/
[ 2011.09.24 03:41:14 ] Nashh Kadavr > sorry if i have offended you
[ 2011.09.24 03:41:21 ] Nashh Kadavr > and sorry bout your mach
[ 2011.09.24 03:41:27 ] Nashh Kadavr > /emote shrugs

Eve mails after the fact!

Re: Re: Fight
From: Nashh Kadavr
Sent: 2011.09.24 13:38
To: Lord's Servant,

right fair enough mate but tbh it looks like that domi dropped to considerably more than just your mach.
Anyways, sorry you dont feel it was a fair fight but i guess nobody ever does unless they win.
take care.

Re: Fight
From: Lord's Servant
Sent: 2011.09.24 04:13
To: Nashh Kadavr,
Ive been ganked, ecm drones, carrier dropped, carrier station ganked(now), stealthbobmer dropped, falcon alt'd, and all sorts of other faggoty stuff by other minmatar. I try not to judge ppl and give them the chance for a gf, Irregardless of side.
I only return the favor vs those who have already shown themselves incapable of a gf....
I appreciate the mail but the whole "amarr blob me" thing isnt a valid excuse imo.
I'll always be down for a gf and often will take steps to preserve said gf no matter what....the amarr "blob" wouldnt have come if the carrier never undocked. I was originall soloing when I tackled u and the domi engaged me ;)
From: Nashh Kadavr
Sent: 2011.09.24 04:03
To: Lord's Servant,
Hey Lord,
Sorry bout your loss mate but I have to stand by it that if we would have undocked in anything less we would have had that entire ammar fleet drop on our ass. anyways I dont have to explain you the principals of blobbing, i think perhaps the carreir was a bit much but all in all it was a GF and i think we should leave it at that.
You are a nice and sound guy and it would be a shame to fall out about a fight that didnt go in someones favour. 1 if most if not all of my last engagements with the amar militia i have been either destroyed by a stupid majority or forced of the field in my solo rifter vs multiple faction cruisers etc.
Anyways. all i am saying is sorry if you felt it wasnt a fair fight but i did the best i could with the means i got, acute and myself have bc nothing bigger, the carreir is genuinly for transport and this is my first combat with it. agaist what we were facing i think we did ok.
i digress
take care

Now to the white back ground! [ 2011.09.24 03:40:07 ] Predator Elite > dame shut it u fucker. I am not nor have I ever been an alt of Dame Death. We all LOL'd at your ignorance. But it's apparent that Dame has done something to you and/or your corp in the past that you did not like. Seeing as you are Amarr I applaud whatever it is he did and back it 100%. Maybe if you didnt fail so hard he wouldnt have done it to you!! Good Day

One last thing... Notice that the term "faggoty" is used by the Amarr pilot. The only real "faggoty" thing I noticed in this engagement was the fact that the Amarr Pilots whored on their own fleet losses... FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL!!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

String of Bad Luck

So I joined the wormhole corp knowing I was going in for the isk. I knew I'd be getting very little kills, if any, and would probably suffer from a few loses since wormhole space was new to me! It pretty much all played out they was I knew it would. Few kills here and there and a few losses here and there. For the most part though my kill/death ratio was staying about even. Until recently when I finally joined the PvP corp.

I'm pvp, I'm use to losses, and I know its part of the game. Ive suffered some pretty big losses in my career and I've dealt with those as everyone else would. (went outside and cursed at the top of my lungs) Recently though, its not the quality of my loss mails as much as  the quantity of loss mails that's getting to me. Again I'm used to losing.... but not so much.... Granted a few of my losses were me having fun and eventually getting caught in a bubbled wormhole or me thinking I docked and going afk to deal with the twins then coming back to see myself sploding just in time to get my pod out. Currently I'm 5-20 since joining up under the Kadavr banner. Id say I hit a bit of a slump!

Its just not something I'm familiar with. Maybe I'm getting old and my reflexes are getting a bit shotty? My isk destroyed out ways my isk lost by a good bit but id still prefer green all around the board. It could be I'm going out solo more often than I did before. I was originally a null sec pilot but didn't do much on the blob wars. I stuck to the small gang roams. I also was a -10 pirate for a spell but even then I was flying with 2 other pilots. It could also be I'm used to flying battle cruisers. Other than a recon or bomber I was rarely seen in anything smaller than a BC. With the null sec alliances you are seldom ever asked to bring a frig and its usually required for you to bring BC or up!

(As I'm typing this we kill an Amarr Scumbag and then join up with Shadow Cartel and knock out this little carebear)

To be honest, I truly believe it because I don't care. I'm flying a rifter... what is there to care about. Ill just buy a new one and be on my way. With the BC's cost a bit more, maybe I was a bit more weary about what I attacked. While flying a rapier I would tackle get a few pot shots in then warp out once my shield were almost gone and the gang finished them off. Solo rifter.... meh if I lose it I lose it.

(Feck just lost another rifter.....)

So I guess I just gotta look forward to when I get my groove back because I might be back in the wormhole before long if I keep this slump up!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

2 Years +++

So I spoke in an older post about staying focused on skill training. I started thinking about it, trying to motivate myself to start leaning some of these level 4 skills up to 5. I decide to go through my skill list and see how many skills i needed to get to level 5. I have a total of 42 skills (out of 194 I have learned) that are level 4. I think to myself "Ok that's not too bad, ill be done before I know it!" So I decide to do some math.

*This is about the time I shat myself a little*

Apparently to get the level 4 skills, that would actually really matter, to level 5 would take me 2 years and 2 months. I came to this number by only taking into consideration the days it would take to learn something, I did not add hours into the equation so it may be closer to 3 or 4 months. Also, this does not include any skill below level 4 that I may learn before I start this process! Now I'm accustomed to making skill plans on a small scale, a few weeks and such, but a 2 year skill plan? Sheesh!

Knowing there are a few skills I need to train before I attempt this, I decided ill start January 1st. Ill get through with some of the loose end skills and will probably ad more to the skill plan by the new year! I also came to the conclusion that there is no way in hell that I will be able to stick to this plan but I am committed to seeing how far I can actually go with it! Worse thing that can come from this is I get a whole bunch of new certificates!

*The Plan*

Year 1

January 1st - Neural Remap for a more even learning time frame, Start skill training plan in drones and work my way down
March - End Drone training and move to Electronics
Mid July - End Electronic training and start Engineering
End Of October/Beginning Of November - End Engineering training, and start Navigation

Year 2

Mid January - End Navigation training and start Gunnery
End Of July - End Gunnery training and start Missile Launcher Operation
Beginning Of November - End MLO and start Spaceship Command


Now This skill plan is set around NOT having any implants in. Also I may knock out a few of the 4 day skills within the next 3 1/2 months. I also plan to use Spaceship Command as a "I'm tired of learning this skill I need to switch" option. You ll also notice that all skill sections aren't represented. That's either because I don't have any level 4 skills in them or they aren't PvP oriented so I'm not worried about them.

No matter what I think It will be an interesting 2 years and hopefully New Eden doesn't implode on itself before I'm done.

Wish me luck!!

Also Kadavr Black Guard is still recruiting!!! We are growing and gaining momentum. We have an elite group of pilots including, Alexia Morgan, Dame Death, Nashh Kadavr, Venom Orchid, Anabaric, and our newest edition....... Mr Kirith Kodachi himself!!!! Come enjoy some Minmatar Faction Warfare with us and lets make more Amarr tears!!


Saturday, September 3, 2011

AAA vs The Russians

I started my scanning as soon as I logged in yesterday. Found the usual C3 exit and continued my scanning in the C3 for the null sec static and any other possible static that may be there. Only 4 sigs for the entire system so wasn't long before I had the null sec exit to AAA controlled 3GD6-8. My natural pvp instinct tells me to warp around belts and the station to see if the carebears are around but find nothing. I do notice that there are a few Sov blockers onlining and seems to me that they were most likely on edge and playing it safe so I decided to head back to the hole and start killing some sleepers.

A few corpies and I start knocking out some sites and after a few are cleared we drop some probes to see if anything new has popped up. Now there are 5 sigs and we quickly probe down a new wormhole leading to high sec! The exit is close to a corpies noctis so he decides to run and get it while I run into Minmatar space for another corpies drake! It takes us about an hour to get everything with afk's and a corpie forgetting to bm the hole entrance. We finally get back in and by this time its just 2 of us active. So while I'm changing ships at the pos my corpie Takung is cleaning up wrecks in the C3. At first I didn't understand him, so I was a bit slow to respond but eventually I understood completely.

Apparently an arazu had found him and had him warp disrupted. (later Tak realized that the pilot was trying to ransom him in local but most wormhole dwellers don't pay any attention to local and he wouldn't have paid anyways) So I swap out of my tengu and go to a nos cane thinking this will be a fight against the C3 locals and they may bring T3's. I warp to C3 entrance and Tak says he is in pod and the arazu has friends with him now. I jump, start warp, tak said he has been podded, and I'm thinking I'm about to have some fun! I land on top of  Tak's wreck and all that's there is a heretic.  I'm pretty close to him so I charge in knowing a bubble is coming and he will be faster than me so hopefully I can get in and suck his cap dry before he is too far. No such luck as he drops a bubble then quickly gets out and warps off. As soon as he warps his arazu buddy uncloaks and naturally warp disrupts me from a good distance away. I drop drones and start burning towards him while overheating the mwd. His drones are doing little to my shield but I get close enough for my guns and start eating his shield. Around that time a drake lands 30k behind me with the heretic landing right behind him.

I assume the arazu didn't warp off because he didn't think I would kill him before his friends killed me but once the heretic and drake came on I knew I wouldn't last for too long. The heretic dropped another bubble and with the damage I started to take I switched from burning at the arazu to burning out of the bubble! I get out of the bubble with about 25% armor but still cant warp obviously so I just keep firing and burning while I wait for a right time to eject and get my pod out. At about 25% structure I eject as the arazu goes BOOM as well! I warp off to the C4 entrance with a quick gf in local (with no response) They win the quantity of kills award I win the isk destroyed award!

So I reship into a hound and go check out the wrecks. Nothing of use left so I decided to check the km and noticed that my killers were AAA. I decide to head back out into 3GD6-8 and see if they decided to become more active.  I notice a lot more people in local and a cyno up so I warp in at 100k. The sov blocker is about 5 min away from onlining so I assume its AAA bringing in some ships to get rid of them. I land and see nothing but red.... and white... A nice sized abaddon fleet made up of Red Alliance and White Noise. I sit and watch as they guard their sov blocker. A random bomber drops  a bomb and kills a rookie ship. (don't ask me why the rookie ship was there... silly Russians!) So the fleet starts aligning and somehow the pod gets way out of the fleet going a different way and all, so I put out a call into corp chat seeing if anyone wants to warp in for a quick pod kill. One corpie jumps at the chance to kill a ruskie but he didn't have any of the bm's to get out. Once I got him out and warped back to the pod, it was gone.

So I sit and watch for a bit hoping to get a straggler or that pod on scans. The abaddon fleet decides to warp of to the hub once the sov blockers were set and I followed. At the hub another cyno was up and several caps and supercaps including a titan came in to knock off the hub. Through the chaos that was ships, drones, and fighters I managed to pick out the pod that I had lost earlier. Seeing no chance at getting him I continued to just watch and wait. 15-20 minutes of hitting the hub and it finally explodes. The fleet then all align and warp off to the station. All but one. The pod pilot, obviously getting tired of sitting at his screen watching his fleet shoot the hub, went afk for who knows what reason. I'm a 100k away and start the slow flight to get into orbit around him! Orbiting at 7.5k i xx for warp and a few seconds later we have Russian pod goo all over space!

Yeah yeah its just a pod kill... BUT its a Russian!! That gotta count for something. TBH I think I did more fighting against the Russian than AAA did... Poor little guys!

Friday, September 2, 2011

24 Hours Later!

Bzzzzt. Bzzzzzzzzzzzt. The stations comms are coming to life after Alexia's constant hacking.

Psssssh. "Can anyone...." psssssht

Suddenly a loud buzzing sound makes everyone flinch and puts a good ringing in their ears.

"Damn it Alexia, is it working now?" Nashh's voice comes through clearer than before.

"Should be sure." Alexia says, sounding a bit far away from her comms.

"That what you said an hour ago....and an hour before that." Nashh states. "If he gets pissed off it's you he will be kicking in the twat, not me!

"You have a twat Sir?" Alexia asks, still a bit far from her comms.

Ignoring Alexia, Nashh begins scrolling through any messages he may have missed and finally calls Acute into the office.

"Before you say any thing Sir," Acute starts "You'll need to know we are ready as instructed. All ships are stocked with ammo, fuel, and crewmen. We just await your order!

"For now the order is stand down." Nashh says with a bit of a crackle in his voice.

"But Sir, we're ready to go!" Acute starts, but Nashh holds up a hand for silence.

 "I have no doubt that you and the other directors worked your asses off to get everyone ready. I also have no doubt about how prepared we are." Nashh explains. "Unfortunately Alexia wasn't the only one tampering with our comms and our war intent was leaked. The targets CEO contacted me personally and asked us to reconsider, in return they would leave Dame alone, for the most part!"

"What about the crewmen?" Acute asks. "They're itching for some explosions."

"Ill leave that up to you and Dame. I'm going for a week long leave." Nashh says. "You already know Alexia is on leave, which got cancelled for the war then reinstated, and Venom hasn't been reachable for days, no doubt stuck in a wormhole with no way out again. So do with the crewman as you see fit. Ive heard that the Amarr gits have been causing a stir around the bordering systems. Give them hell!"

"Yes Sir, but one quick question." Acute starts. "How long ago did their CEO contact you? The comms were down for about 13 hours."

"Id say maybe 30 minutes prior to our comms trouble, which was because Alexia was trying to listen in on the diplomatic talk." Nashh says. "She did come back to the station to fix it so don't hold too big of a grudge, she wanted to fight just as much as you.

"Where is she now Sir?" Acute asked.

"I believe she is getting ready to head back out on leave. Docking bay number 12 if my memory implant tells me correctly." Nashh says with a grin.

"Yes Sir" Acute says as he rushes out the door.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


"What do you mean 48 hours?" Acute yelled, louder than intended.

"Exactly what I said. 48 hours! So be ready" Nashh said with a slight smile. "but for now I need a smoke, so we can discuss details later."

Acute pushed a box of rejected applications between Nashh and the door. Nashh's smile starts fading a bit.

"We discuss this now, before I start losing isk on repairs that could have been avoided!" Acute states.

Nashh looked at Acute like he had lost his mind.

"Look.." Acute sighed, "Its not like I'm worried about losing a ship or paying for any repairs, but would it have not been better to give us a little more warning?"

"Well..." Nashh started.

"Well nothing!" Acute exclaims. "We have new recruits who aren't even near Dal yet, pilots stuck in wormholes, and those that can get to Dal in time aren't going to have the resources available to do anything in 48 hours. We need more time."

Nashh walked to his desk and sat down behind it! "Anything else?" He asked.

"No..." Acute said, "a reason is all I want."

"Me too!" Came a voice from the comms pad on Nashh's desk.

"Damn it Alexia! I told you not to practice your hacking on our comms." Yelled Nashh.

"I wasn't practicing" said Alexia "besides, I agree with Acute."

"Fine!" Nashh exclaimed with a sigh. "Ill fill you in, but remember that this stays in the Black Guard. Our primary goal is surprise and if this leaks then that's all ruined. Do I make myself clear?"

"Aye Sir." Acute and Alexia say together.

"Our targets are Militia." Nashh starts. "OUR Militia!"

"Sir!" Alexia gasps.

"I know how how it sounds..." Nashh explains, "but it cant be helped. These guys aren't much to spit at but their CEO is dangerous. They have made it well known that, even though we are a part of the same militia, they want Dame dead. So our attack will be swift and deadly. We will show them that they have no chance at getting close to Dame."

Nashh hands some files to Acute. "These are the main targets. Nashh explains. "We take them out we take away their will to fight."

A silence fills the room. Alexia was the first to break the silence.

"So all they want is Dame?" Alexia asked. "What about the rest of us?"

Nash just shrugged, staring at Acute, trying to read him as usual.

"24 hours!" Acute said finally.

"What do you mean 24 hours?" Nashh asked with a smirk.

"Exactly what he said, Sir." Alexia explained. "We will be ready for war in 24 hours!"

Monday, August 22, 2011

Kadavr Black Guard

So I've been in the Black Guard for a little over a week now! Mainly been spending our time in wh space making isk for our future pew and waiting on alts to be skilled or subbed to take over the wh operations to provide isk! Besides me killing a rifter and nash losing 2 T3's in 8 days *snickers* nothing much has gone on besides making isk. But soon, SOON, holidays will be over and isk will be made and the Black Guard will be on the hunt! Right now we are still recruiting HERE or you can go and Apply directly on the Kadavr forums! GO NOW!!!

Bring Me The Head of Kirith Kodachi was a........ fun flop! It was fun in the sense that we got to get a few shots in at a carrier (even though I was on defense) but it gave you the chance to be a km whore. So I thought it would anyways! This event has happened twice and both times it seems that its completely one sided! The first event the defense was OP and ended up having to kill Kodachi themselves. This year, well, I wont say the attackers were OP but 3 different set of fleets against 11-15 defenders....mmm yeah! Eventually Kodachi went down with most of the defenders not even leaving station. That's where the flop comes in!

Now obviously this event is Kodachi's baby but id like to see a few changes if he decides to do another one. Make teams! Open an attack channel and defense channel and try to get some even fleets going! If you got 150 people in the attack channel and 50 in the defense then ask some people to move over! Alliance fleets can stay together but put one as attacker and another as defense. Now that I think about it that's the only thing I would change. Again it's Kodachi's baby so he will raise it the way he sees fit!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Im A H-hole! Honest!

So turns out that living in a wormhole is a LOT of work! No complaints or tears here, its just that I wasn't expecting to have to put much effort into it. Scanning for sites alone can take anywhere from 1-4 hours depending on the number of sites, level of skill, and amount of patience. Mainly it takes so long because we are really scanning 2 wormholes for sites and exits to empire. Then you have the d-scan. I'm used to using it to an extent but that's when you have an active local. Hitting scan every 5-10 sec trying to catch any probers and such just becomes a pain. I LOVE IT!

Well, not the d-scan part. I enjoy it because it keeps me busy. If I get on before my corp mates ill start scanning. My main priority is finding a way out so ill scan until I find the entrance to the next wormhole and start over in that one until I find the the exit to high/low/null sec. By the time Ive found it someone else will be on looking for sites for us to run for the day! Depending on where we are at in New Eden we will make a run to a hub and sell our wares and make our isk or we will do individual runs for supplies and such. Once we are done logistically we will start the process of wiping out the sites of our neighboring wormhole and then move to our home system for more sites.

Now I'm all about the pvp so I have to at least attempt to kill something other than a npc. Last few days have been slow. I was camping a bestower at one point yesterday but had to give up on it to escort a corp mate back into the wormhole with some essential cargo! Today I finally got some action when I was told a rifter was ratting in the .4 system outside our wormhole. So I jump in the Jaguar and go say hello. A few minutes later Mr LeeMan87 was relieved of his ship and to add insult to injury I decided to point the pod and hold it for the corp mate who gave me the intel to help with Mr LeeMan87's going home party. Usually I could care less about a rifter kill but I thought Id share the lovely mails I received.. Nothing too special but still fun attitudes between two eve players!

From: LeeMan87
Sent: 2011.08.19 01:28
To: Acute Dragonis,

Really dude? Podding a Frig? You must feel soooo bad ass right now. Faggot

From: Acute Dragonis
Sent: 2011.08.19 01:30
To: LeeMan87,

More tears please!!!


From: LeeMan87
Sent: 2011.08.19 01:32
To: Acute Dragonis,

Thank you for being a true H-hole.

Re: Re: Re: really?
From: Acute Dragonis
Sent: 2011.08.19 01:34
To: LeeMan87,

I'm offended!!! No one has ever called me an H-hole before!!

From: LeeMan87
Sent: 2011.08.19 01:36
To: Acute Dragonis,

Do u know what an h-hole is?

From: Acute Dragonis
Sent: 2011.08.19 01:38
To: LeeMan87,

I'm sorry sir. i do not know what a H-hole is. I am not up-to-date on my offensive lingo!

From: LeeMan87
Sent: 2011.08.19 01:45
To: Acute Dragonis,

Tis not offensive my good man, it is a compliment. An h-hole is someone who tells the brutal truth at all times. Most people would say "Sorry, that's just the game". You, however, tell the honest truth that needs to be told. Thank you my good man.

From: Acute Dragonis
Sent: 2011.08.19 01:50
To: LeeMan87,

Ah so I see! Was not aware that you were apart of the "urban" society! It appears we have both been schooled today!

In closing, I bid you a farewell!!

Ahh the joys of pvp. Apparently my urban dictionary knowledge is indeed limited but tears are tears and I think we both came out of this engagement more knowledgeable than we were when we went into it!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A New Frontier

Ive spent a lot of time in the Eve universe and I've done a lot of things. There is very little I haven't tried in Eve. So  little that its easier to tell you what I haven't done than telling you all the things I have done. I never joined in faction warfare. Although it sounds like it might be fun I have better and easier ways to pop my pvp cherry! Ive never intentionally scammed anyone (that I know of) but have thought about seeing if I had what it takes to pull a fast one on someone. Ive never tried but I'm sure I don't have what it takes.I have yet to do an incursion though I hear they can be pretty profitable. Besides killing a few ship types that I really want a km from, the only real adventure I haven't had is in wormhole space. The last one is changing real soon!

Currently I am still in The Black Rabbits (until later this afternoon) which have a bunch of great guys in the corp but due to their current campaign leaving me sitting in a station most of my online time i got to say adios. Although I've gotten a few kills during my time with TBR most of them have been with friendly corps/alliances. Originally TBR moved into a dead end Curse system to help clear out some neutrals and make isk in the process while a majority of TBR members were on holiday! Good plan until we moved in. The original alliances that offered us the chance to come in never turned us blue even though they said they did. So we wait a week and a half for them to "speak with ceo's and alliance directors" with no word. Once we arrived the neutrals we were originally going to kick out offered blue standings but we told them we had to wait and see what happens and figure out if we even wanted to stay. Finally we decide to blue them because we still haven't heard anything from the other alliances. That was until I helped our new friends pop a mission runner but by then it was too late!

Its been about a month since all the standings issues and since then we have killed a few people but have done nothing to try and push them out of the system! When TBR has numbers on they rat with a few pvp form ups....very few...or sit in stations and when its time for them to log off (all of them are EU tz with me and one other US tz) they log. So naturally the hostiles see no real reason to leave which leaves me in a station while they have their way with the system. Now I have no problem with the TZ difference. I'm active while TBR is but the main problem I'm having is we aren't getting rid of the hostiles. We are working around them. Our blues have stated that they aren't worried about the hostiles unless they start coming into their system so we don't get much help there! So I had a choice. Wait it out for about a month until holidays are over and maybe make a few isk here and there depending on losses or move on to make my own isk! My first thought was to go back to empire and run missions. While running missions, waiting to see if TBR stepped up their attack, I started watching my in-game channels more and noticed recruiting going on! So I've decided to leave TBR.

Now I'm sure that anyone who sits in a channel with or reads the blog of Nashh Kadavr, knows that he is recruiting for his pvp corp primarily (if I'm not mistaken) with a bit of wormhole expedition recruiting going on as well. Now my main being 99.9% pvp, I figured at some point id answer his recruitment call! I also know that a couple more toons may be joining and due to the fact that I dunno how public they want their changes to be ill refrain from name dropping! For the first month or say we will be living in a wormhole hopefully building up a nice size wallet for our future low sec endeavors and also bringing in alts to maintain a wallet once our mains have left for the pew! As far as when and where we will be, I wouldn't tell you if I knew. Why spoil the surprise?

P.S.   FYI we are recruiting!!  XD   Apply Here

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Sins of Thy Father

The Sins of the father are passed down to the son. No words hold truer to my past than these. I never new my father. The most that was spoken about him was that he was a capsuleer for a spell and he isn’t around now! Mother never spoke of him, mentioned his family, or said whether he was alive or dead. Anytime I tried to pry some info out of Mother she would get hotter than an overheated afterburner. But because of my father I became the capsuleer I am today.
It began when i was young. Always trying to make friends and be social but every time I got close to another child their families took them away or ran me off. I never new why and Mother was no help, as usual, in giving me the answers I wanted. I did manage to make a few friends. Mainly they were war orphans but they soon died of disease or were collected by the government! As i got older, the other children and their families treatment of me got dangerous to the point where Mother and i moved stations several times. It would all be fine for a few weeks, months if we were lucky, and then it seemed like some change came over everyone who lived near us. Until one lucky day, for me not the other boys, I never new why i got this treatment but it all came to light as i was deciding a career choice.
The day started off as usual. Angry eyes staring me down, whispers as I passed. I wasn’t doing anything unusual  that day but the whispers seemed louder than normal. As i was walking through the station looking at some Minmatar career brochures I got called to a shop. I remember it taking me a few minutes to realize they were talking to me instead of about me. The last few minutes that I remember before my “memory loss” was of  four older Minmatar males asking me questions. “How does it feel to be dumber than a Gallente hooker?” “Do you like being lower than Ammar shit?” “Do you plan on selling out like your father?” To this day I don’t know what happened other than what Concord put on file. But what i do remember is hearing that last question, a haze going over my eyes, and the scene of the four boys  on the ground coming back into focus. Before I had a chance of even thinking about running or anything else a hand grabbed my arm and pulled for what felt miles into my home.
Snapped back into reality by constant packing noises and a slap to the face about every 5 minutes i finally realized that I was in my room and Mother was doing the slapping. At that point I went ballistic trying to get Mother to explain to me what they meant by sellout. As usual she avoided the questions I asked but that changed when reports were coming in about the knocked out boys. On the shuttle ride to our next home she finally decided to tell me the story of my father. Who he was, what he did, and whether he was dead or alive. Ill never forget her story. Ill never forgive my father. Not until I hear his side of the story!   TO BE CONTINUED…

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Station Games! Who's The Real Culprit? Part 2

First things first. I just didn't enjoy looking at the title of my blog so I decided to change it to my original blog title from my old podlogs blog. I like this one better anyways! On to the show!

Last weeks post focused on station games from the dockers view! I borrowed Rixx Javix's opinion on docking up to show that docking side of station games can be useful in turning the tide and making for a  good fight. This week ill be looking at the wiener heads that stay outside waiting for the easy undock kills. Hopefully the Jita hub can help with this view.

Most everyone knows about Jita. If you want something traded, sold, or stolen you go to Jita! Everyone also knows if you have a war dec in progress you don't go to Jita. The main reasons being the hundreds of players in local making it almost impossible of seeing danger before it gets to you and the 30+ people that sit outside every station. These people sit outside stations for 95% of their online time waiting for a war target to undock just to get an easy kill!

Now some people will say the players who dock up when hostiles are around are the ones playing the station games! As Rixx pointed out, while docked they cant be killed. But what about these people that camp the stations? Getting out of a station camp, a good station camp, requires a fast environment loading + either a large docking area or an already set-up quick warp! Cloaking is usually dealt with by ships at the undock area and ceptors and any other fast flyer are easily dealt with by fast locks and webs! Due to the Jita environment, load times are less than desirable on the good days!

Most cases the campers will flood local with pics of ponies, carebears, and anything else they think will cause the locals to come fight!(this happens more so in low and null sec than in the Jita area!) When the pics don't work they taunt with 1v1 challenges or anything to get them to undock including accusing them of station games. Naturally, once docked, the common sense thing to do is stay docked until backup comes or the threat is gone. The good station camps give the undocker little time if any to defend themselves usually due to the alpha from the first cycle that melts most ships, load times limiting chance to turn on any modules, or warp away! Ill refrain from even mentioning bubbles.

So who is exactly playing the station games? Is it the docker who gives no chance of a kill to the camper? Is it the camper who has the sometimes unfair (not my opinion) advantage of no load time, numbers, and tactical placement of ships (optimals for alpha)? IMHO id say its both! Both are responsible for the infamous station games! Yes locals dock because of the hostiles but they don't have to dock! At the same time once docked the campers could go on about their roam for kills that actually require skill! All parties are at fault when it comes to station games!!!

So how is the issue of station games solved? Simple! The campers need to camp a gate or set a trap! At least both sides have time to fight and/or run if need be! Also these dockers can man up and fight! If you have to dock up from ratting, mining, or mission running than your doing it in the wrong system! Do your carebearing with your corp or alliance and not by yourself! Thoughts anyone?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Station Games! Who's The Real Culprit? Part 1

A couple of blog post caught my attention this month! Both post coming from Rixx Javix at Eveoganda with the original topic being HERE and the revisited topic HERE! These post, imho, are good post but shine light on a small portion of a bigger picture! That picture being the all but elusive station game! I'm gonna focus on the the dockers this time around but part 2 will cover the station campers! Ill attempt to play devil's advocate and give insight to both sides of this "game!"

We've all been there! Whether its on the inside or outside. Group A jumps into system and group B goes to station! Group A camps station and taunts group B for docking while group B points the station game finger at group A! I've seen both sides be blamed for station games, but who is the real culprit? Today we will focus on the dockers.

Rixx's opinion is, as most other hardcore pvp'ers, is that docking is cowardice! Others say docking is a viable tactic in Eve! Now Rixx, obviously being more intelligent than most his critics, has put up a good argument about his view and states that there are times when docking is logical but most of the time its cowardice! Imo this view is very...small minded for lack of a better term!

Quote from Rixx

I've given this some thought. The only time I can think of when docking-up is a proper tactic is immediately after undocking. In the face of overwhelming station campers, war dec'ers, or bubbles, it is completely proper to simply re-dock. In fact, you'd be an idiot not to. There is also one other time when docking up is actually a tactic of combat. Sometimes, and this is rare, docking and then immediately undocking can give you a tactical advantage over someone on station. Either that or provide bait on the undock. These instances don't really count here, since the intention is to immediately undock again.

But to say docking is a combat tactic is beyond silly. In most cases it is cowardice, pure and simple. Being actually "in" space is the only place from which tactical advantage can be gained over space combat. You have to be in space to fight in space

Any person familiar with war understands that you don't have to be on the field of battle to gain a tactical advantage! Yes, fighting 1v1 would require you to be on the field but from my understanding we are talking gang/fleet warfare! Tactical advantage for your gang, fleet, corp, or alliance can come from many places!

Personally I believe that any and everything in Eve can be used to someones tactical advantage! One personal tactic I have with docking is chatting up local for 1v1 against reds (knowing they wont agree or honor it) and forming a fleet in intel channels at the same time! Obviously I don't dock up right away! A few scans to get ship types and hold on a station until attacked or hold on safe till probes come out but I will eventuallt dock! I dock to keep my focus on everything (fleet forming, sharing intel, local banter to keep reds interested enough to stay, and getting a proper fighting ship) I need to so I don't get a cloaky on me! But I don't undock right way! I may undock and redock a few times to check station and put a ship on their scans! I may stay docked and never join the fight (yeah right) or just chew the fat with them and hope any scouts they have don't see my fleet coming! If they leave and one stays behind, depending if fleet is ready, ill become bait but if they all leave then we get to roam awhile! Does it work every time and can everyone accomplish enough composure to do this? The answer is no but it can be done and done well enough to have a good fight! Is the pen mightier than the sword? Ive never seen a pen kill someone but it can be used! Point being that there are tactics out there with station docking involved!

With all that said, I do agree with every ounce of pod gel running through my body that docking up just to avoid a fight is cowardice IF you claim to be pvp oriented and have capable fighting ships! As far as the carebears are concerned, well as much as I would love for you to stay put and take it like a true capsuleer, I can understand the need to dock! That being said, when you tools do dock up, don't start blaming the fleet that came in for playing station games when I'm pretty sure they'd be happy to play outside the station!

Part 2 in a few days!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


When I started playing eve in 07, it never really occurred to me that in just over 4 years id be where i am now! Back then we still had the learning skills, which i didn't train right off the bat, and we had to make a career choice with set skills and attribute! At that time skill learning was an endless mesh of choices and we didn't have certificates to help guide our choices! No skill queue's or neural remapping if a year down the road you feel you made the wrong choice for the skills you want!

My capsuleer career started out as most pvp oriented players. Choosing a military life and what not. I can remember not caring to fly anything but a battleship. My noobish mind thinking naturally a battleship is bigger than a frigate, cruiser, etc etc! Naturally I i trained straight to battleship and naturally all I could fit on it were small guns! I was the king of Eve at that moment buying my first battleship. (I made a deal with a friend that if I started playing he must pay for my ships and such until I could fend for myself) I figured right then and there would be a good time to test my new ship! Safe to say I didn't last long against the Concord Police!

Four years later, with a few breaks here and there, I find it hard to keep focus on one path of learning! I have multiple toons as most players do(but without plex's they're usually not activated at the same time) and im the kind of guy who likes to focus one one aspect per toon, ie pvp toon, industry toon, etc etc. I could continue capital training but really I don't want a super cap. I like docking when I need to and with the mindset of some eve players they'll take anything if its free and empty of a pilot :p I also have a lot of skills at lvl 4 that could and should go to lvl 5 but I found out that if I don't get a "skill training complete" message every few days I feel like I'm not getting anything done! My focus on those long skill trainings tend to go away and 3 days of training a 28 day skill I decide to switch skill then 3 days into that one I switch to another. I have a lot of skills partially learned!

I guess I started thinking about it this past week really! After coming back from a 6 month break and not knowing where the hell I was in my skill training plans I figured id just do a couple random things until it comes back to me! Waiting for standings in our new home for the past week has got me skill spinning and even more confused on what I need to be training! Tried to keep busy buy gathering intel on targets and such but there is only so much you can see from safe spots! Ive tried randomly bombing ships as they undock to keep myself busy but the locals either get agitated or think I'm a total newb for bombing their ibis when im just passing the time! It only seems to help for a short time these days!

Any idea's on how to keep the focus off my skill training long enough to get some long skills done? Anyone else have the focus issue? How do you keep from skill spinning?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Im Back and Now In Black!

Ok so I've been gone for a bit! Real life got a hold on me and had to take some time off to focus on my fresh out of the oven twin baby girls!(now almost 10 months old) Although I left with the understanding that I would be back and ready to roll, I was ultimately removed from my corp/alliance only a month before my scheduled and well known return! No hard feelings though, I'm in a great new corp and they lost their home so I think I've come out better!  XD  In light of the changes I figured Id start fresh on the ol' blog, formerly, and get back into the tweet fleet!

Yeah, so I'm back in the saddle and got me some fresh paint on the pod! The Black Rabbits were kind enough to recruit me into their ranks and we will soon be going on a stroll through some space for a new home! When and where we are going is secret(silly wabbits) mainly due to I don't know all their friends and enemies atm so better safe than sorry on the detail giving! Needless to say I'm hoping we get some action so I can prove my worth! If no action is found we will get a new home for a few months while we maintain isk flow until holidays are over! I'll have some juicy battle details soon I hope but until then fly safe and watch your pipe!