Sunday, August 28, 2011


"What do you mean 48 hours?" Acute yelled, louder than intended.

"Exactly what I said. 48 hours! So be ready" Nashh said with a slight smile. "but for now I need a smoke, so we can discuss details later."

Acute pushed a box of rejected applications between Nashh and the door. Nashh's smile starts fading a bit.

"We discuss this now, before I start losing isk on repairs that could have been avoided!" Acute states.

Nashh looked at Acute like he had lost his mind.

"Look.." Acute sighed, "Its not like I'm worried about losing a ship or paying for any repairs, but would it have not been better to give us a little more warning?"

"Well..." Nashh started.

"Well nothing!" Acute exclaims. "We have new recruits who aren't even near Dal yet, pilots stuck in wormholes, and those that can get to Dal in time aren't going to have the resources available to do anything in 48 hours. We need more time."

Nashh walked to his desk and sat down behind it! "Anything else?" He asked.

"No..." Acute said, "a reason is all I want."

"Me too!" Came a voice from the comms pad on Nashh's desk.

"Damn it Alexia! I told you not to practice your hacking on our comms." Yelled Nashh.

"I wasn't practicing" said Alexia "besides, I agree with Acute."

"Fine!" Nashh exclaimed with a sigh. "Ill fill you in, but remember that this stays in the Black Guard. Our primary goal is surprise and if this leaks then that's all ruined. Do I make myself clear?"

"Aye Sir." Acute and Alexia say together.

"Our targets are Militia." Nashh starts. "OUR Militia!"

"Sir!" Alexia gasps.

"I know how how it sounds..." Nashh explains, "but it cant be helped. These guys aren't much to spit at but their CEO is dangerous. They have made it well known that, even though we are a part of the same militia, they want Dame dead. So our attack will be swift and deadly. We will show them that they have no chance at getting close to Dame."

Nashh hands some files to Acute. "These are the main targets. Nashh explains. "We take them out we take away their will to fight."

A silence fills the room. Alexia was the first to break the silence.

"So all they want is Dame?" Alexia asked. "What about the rest of us?"

Nash just shrugged, staring at Acute, trying to read him as usual.

"24 hours!" Acute said finally.

"What do you mean 24 hours?" Nashh asked with a smirk.

"Exactly what he said, Sir." Alexia explained. "We will be ready for war in 24 hours!"

Monday, August 22, 2011

Kadavr Black Guard

So I've been in the Black Guard for a little over a week now! Mainly been spending our time in wh space making isk for our future pew and waiting on alts to be skilled or subbed to take over the wh operations to provide isk! Besides me killing a rifter and nash losing 2 T3's in 8 days *snickers* nothing much has gone on besides making isk. But soon, SOON, holidays will be over and isk will be made and the Black Guard will be on the hunt! Right now we are still recruiting HERE or you can go and Apply directly on the Kadavr forums! GO NOW!!!

Bring Me The Head of Kirith Kodachi was a........ fun flop! It was fun in the sense that we got to get a few shots in at a carrier (even though I was on defense) but it gave you the chance to be a km whore. So I thought it would anyways! This event has happened twice and both times it seems that its completely one sided! The first event the defense was OP and ended up having to kill Kodachi themselves. This year, well, I wont say the attackers were OP but 3 different set of fleets against 11-15 defenders....mmm yeah! Eventually Kodachi went down with most of the defenders not even leaving station. That's where the flop comes in!

Now obviously this event is Kodachi's baby but id like to see a few changes if he decides to do another one. Make teams! Open an attack channel and defense channel and try to get some even fleets going! If you got 150 people in the attack channel and 50 in the defense then ask some people to move over! Alliance fleets can stay together but put one as attacker and another as defense. Now that I think about it that's the only thing I would change. Again it's Kodachi's baby so he will raise it the way he sees fit!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Im A H-hole! Honest!

So turns out that living in a wormhole is a LOT of work! No complaints or tears here, its just that I wasn't expecting to have to put much effort into it. Scanning for sites alone can take anywhere from 1-4 hours depending on the number of sites, level of skill, and amount of patience. Mainly it takes so long because we are really scanning 2 wormholes for sites and exits to empire. Then you have the d-scan. I'm used to using it to an extent but that's when you have an active local. Hitting scan every 5-10 sec trying to catch any probers and such just becomes a pain. I LOVE IT!

Well, not the d-scan part. I enjoy it because it keeps me busy. If I get on before my corp mates ill start scanning. My main priority is finding a way out so ill scan until I find the entrance to the next wormhole and start over in that one until I find the the exit to high/low/null sec. By the time Ive found it someone else will be on looking for sites for us to run for the day! Depending on where we are at in New Eden we will make a run to a hub and sell our wares and make our isk or we will do individual runs for supplies and such. Once we are done logistically we will start the process of wiping out the sites of our neighboring wormhole and then move to our home system for more sites.

Now I'm all about the pvp so I have to at least attempt to kill something other than a npc. Last few days have been slow. I was camping a bestower at one point yesterday but had to give up on it to escort a corp mate back into the wormhole with some essential cargo! Today I finally got some action when I was told a rifter was ratting in the .4 system outside our wormhole. So I jump in the Jaguar and go say hello. A few minutes later Mr LeeMan87 was relieved of his ship and to add insult to injury I decided to point the pod and hold it for the corp mate who gave me the intel to help with Mr LeeMan87's going home party. Usually I could care less about a rifter kill but I thought Id share the lovely mails I received.. Nothing too special but still fun attitudes between two eve players!

From: LeeMan87
Sent: 2011.08.19 01:28
To: Acute Dragonis,

Really dude? Podding a Frig? You must feel soooo bad ass right now. Faggot

From: Acute Dragonis
Sent: 2011.08.19 01:30
To: LeeMan87,

More tears please!!!


From: LeeMan87
Sent: 2011.08.19 01:32
To: Acute Dragonis,

Thank you for being a true H-hole.

Re: Re: Re: really?
From: Acute Dragonis
Sent: 2011.08.19 01:34
To: LeeMan87,

I'm offended!!! No one has ever called me an H-hole before!!

From: LeeMan87
Sent: 2011.08.19 01:36
To: Acute Dragonis,

Do u know what an h-hole is?

From: Acute Dragonis
Sent: 2011.08.19 01:38
To: LeeMan87,

I'm sorry sir. i do not know what a H-hole is. I am not up-to-date on my offensive lingo!

From: LeeMan87
Sent: 2011.08.19 01:45
To: Acute Dragonis,

Tis not offensive my good man, it is a compliment. An h-hole is someone who tells the brutal truth at all times. Most people would say "Sorry, that's just the game". You, however, tell the honest truth that needs to be told. Thank you my good man.

From: Acute Dragonis
Sent: 2011.08.19 01:50
To: LeeMan87,

Ah so I see! Was not aware that you were apart of the "urban" society! It appears we have both been schooled today!

In closing, I bid you a farewell!!

Ahh the joys of pvp. Apparently my urban dictionary knowledge is indeed limited but tears are tears and I think we both came out of this engagement more knowledgeable than we were when we went into it!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A New Frontier

Ive spent a lot of time in the Eve universe and I've done a lot of things. There is very little I haven't tried in Eve. So  little that its easier to tell you what I haven't done than telling you all the things I have done. I never joined in faction warfare. Although it sounds like it might be fun I have better and easier ways to pop my pvp cherry! Ive never intentionally scammed anyone (that I know of) but have thought about seeing if I had what it takes to pull a fast one on someone. Ive never tried but I'm sure I don't have what it takes.I have yet to do an incursion though I hear they can be pretty profitable. Besides killing a few ship types that I really want a km from, the only real adventure I haven't had is in wormhole space. The last one is changing real soon!

Currently I am still in The Black Rabbits (until later this afternoon) which have a bunch of great guys in the corp but due to their current campaign leaving me sitting in a station most of my online time i got to say adios. Although I've gotten a few kills during my time with TBR most of them have been with friendly corps/alliances. Originally TBR moved into a dead end Curse system to help clear out some neutrals and make isk in the process while a majority of TBR members were on holiday! Good plan until we moved in. The original alliances that offered us the chance to come in never turned us blue even though they said they did. So we wait a week and a half for them to "speak with ceo's and alliance directors" with no word. Once we arrived the neutrals we were originally going to kick out offered blue standings but we told them we had to wait and see what happens and figure out if we even wanted to stay. Finally we decide to blue them because we still haven't heard anything from the other alliances. That was until I helped our new friends pop a mission runner but by then it was too late!

Its been about a month since all the standings issues and since then we have killed a few people but have done nothing to try and push them out of the system! When TBR has numbers on they rat with a few pvp form ups....very few...or sit in stations and when its time for them to log off (all of them are EU tz with me and one other US tz) they log. So naturally the hostiles see no real reason to leave which leaves me in a station while they have their way with the system. Now I have no problem with the TZ difference. I'm active while TBR is but the main problem I'm having is we aren't getting rid of the hostiles. We are working around them. Our blues have stated that they aren't worried about the hostiles unless they start coming into their system so we don't get much help there! So I had a choice. Wait it out for about a month until holidays are over and maybe make a few isk here and there depending on losses or move on to make my own isk! My first thought was to go back to empire and run missions. While running missions, waiting to see if TBR stepped up their attack, I started watching my in-game channels more and noticed recruiting going on! So I've decided to leave TBR.

Now I'm sure that anyone who sits in a channel with or reads the blog of Nashh Kadavr, knows that he is recruiting for his pvp corp primarily (if I'm not mistaken) with a bit of wormhole expedition recruiting going on as well. Now my main being 99.9% pvp, I figured at some point id answer his recruitment call! I also know that a couple more toons may be joining and due to the fact that I dunno how public they want their changes to be ill refrain from name dropping! For the first month or say we will be living in a wormhole hopefully building up a nice size wallet for our future low sec endeavors and also bringing in alts to maintain a wallet once our mains have left for the pew! As far as when and where we will be, I wouldn't tell you if I knew. Why spoil the surprise?

P.S.   FYI we are recruiting!!  XD   Apply Here

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Sins of Thy Father

The Sins of the father are passed down to the son. No words hold truer to my past than these. I never new my father. The most that was spoken about him was that he was a capsuleer for a spell and he isn’t around now! Mother never spoke of him, mentioned his family, or said whether he was alive or dead. Anytime I tried to pry some info out of Mother she would get hotter than an overheated afterburner. But because of my father I became the capsuleer I am today.
It began when i was young. Always trying to make friends and be social but every time I got close to another child their families took them away or ran me off. I never new why and Mother was no help, as usual, in giving me the answers I wanted. I did manage to make a few friends. Mainly they were war orphans but they soon died of disease or were collected by the government! As i got older, the other children and their families treatment of me got dangerous to the point where Mother and i moved stations several times. It would all be fine for a few weeks, months if we were lucky, and then it seemed like some change came over everyone who lived near us. Until one lucky day, for me not the other boys, I never new why i got this treatment but it all came to light as i was deciding a career choice.
The day started off as usual. Angry eyes staring me down, whispers as I passed. I wasn’t doing anything unusual  that day but the whispers seemed louder than normal. As i was walking through the station looking at some Minmatar career brochures I got called to a shop. I remember it taking me a few minutes to realize they were talking to me instead of about me. The last few minutes that I remember before my “memory loss” was of  four older Minmatar males asking me questions. “How does it feel to be dumber than a Gallente hooker?” “Do you like being lower than Ammar shit?” “Do you plan on selling out like your father?” To this day I don’t know what happened other than what Concord put on file. But what i do remember is hearing that last question, a haze going over my eyes, and the scene of the four boys  on the ground coming back into focus. Before I had a chance of even thinking about running or anything else a hand grabbed my arm and pulled for what felt miles into my home.
Snapped back into reality by constant packing noises and a slap to the face about every 5 minutes i finally realized that I was in my room and Mother was doing the slapping. At that point I went ballistic trying to get Mother to explain to me what they meant by sellout. As usual she avoided the questions I asked but that changed when reports were coming in about the knocked out boys. On the shuttle ride to our next home she finally decided to tell me the story of my father. Who he was, what he did, and whether he was dead or alive. Ill never forget her story. Ill never forgive my father. Not until I hear his side of the story!   TO BE CONTINUED…

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Station Games! Who's The Real Culprit? Part 2

First things first. I just didn't enjoy looking at the title of my blog so I decided to change it to my original blog title from my old podlogs blog. I like this one better anyways! On to the show!

Last weeks post focused on station games from the dockers view! I borrowed Rixx Javix's opinion on docking up to show that docking side of station games can be useful in turning the tide and making for a  good fight. This week ill be looking at the wiener heads that stay outside waiting for the easy undock kills. Hopefully the Jita hub can help with this view.

Most everyone knows about Jita. If you want something traded, sold, or stolen you go to Jita! Everyone also knows if you have a war dec in progress you don't go to Jita. The main reasons being the hundreds of players in local making it almost impossible of seeing danger before it gets to you and the 30+ people that sit outside every station. These people sit outside stations for 95% of their online time waiting for a war target to undock just to get an easy kill!

Now some people will say the players who dock up when hostiles are around are the ones playing the station games! As Rixx pointed out, while docked they cant be killed. But what about these people that camp the stations? Getting out of a station camp, a good station camp, requires a fast environment loading + either a large docking area or an already set-up quick warp! Cloaking is usually dealt with by ships at the undock area and ceptors and any other fast flyer are easily dealt with by fast locks and webs! Due to the Jita environment, load times are less than desirable on the good days!

Most cases the campers will flood local with pics of ponies, carebears, and anything else they think will cause the locals to come fight!(this happens more so in low and null sec than in the Jita area!) When the pics don't work they taunt with 1v1 challenges or anything to get them to undock including accusing them of station games. Naturally, once docked, the common sense thing to do is stay docked until backup comes or the threat is gone. The good station camps give the undocker little time if any to defend themselves usually due to the alpha from the first cycle that melts most ships, load times limiting chance to turn on any modules, or warp away! Ill refrain from even mentioning bubbles.

So who is exactly playing the station games? Is it the docker who gives no chance of a kill to the camper? Is it the camper who has the sometimes unfair (not my opinion) advantage of no load time, numbers, and tactical placement of ships (optimals for alpha)? IMHO id say its both! Both are responsible for the infamous station games! Yes locals dock because of the hostiles but they don't have to dock! At the same time once docked the campers could go on about their roam for kills that actually require skill! All parties are at fault when it comes to station games!!!

So how is the issue of station games solved? Simple! The campers need to camp a gate or set a trap! At least both sides have time to fight and/or run if need be! Also these dockers can man up and fight! If you have to dock up from ratting, mining, or mission running than your doing it in the wrong system! Do your carebearing with your corp or alliance and not by yourself! Thoughts anyone?