Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekly Round Up

So our wars are over. (Except against Amarr obviously) Almost Epic was more of an epic fail since they had hardly any active members and have since dropped from 65 members to 45 members. I'm assuming the members that left were the active ones. Our war with Black Rebel Rifter Club has ended mainly due to their lack of isk. We would have made the war mutual and kept it going for them but Nashh is still MIA with computer problems so that was out of the question. So we ended up showing our superiority with an 8-1 victory. It was good fun and they got a lot of good pilots but the original "they suck, we're better" comment still stands for the time being!

Since the 1st of Oct, the KBG has been running an in corp competition for kills with a T1 cruiser. Only one more day till the competition ends and currently out of all our members, so far only 3 have participated in some form. At the moment I am leading with 21 kills, Nashh is in 2nd with 9 kills, and Anabaric in third with 2 kills. We also have a side competition going for most solo kills in the T1 cruiser and Nashh and myself are tied with 3 and Anabaric has 2. What will be fun is if it ends this way me and Nashh will have to have a 1v1 in our T1 cruisers to decide the prize winner, but if Anabaric gets one more solo kill in his cruiser then we get to have a 3 way..... Mmmmmm..... Could be fun!

Besides the wars and competition, I've been goofing around in epic, fully fit T1 frigs. Had a couple little fights and managed to survive in hull both times thanks to the help of corpies, but I survived non-the-less. First fight came early in the week. I literally signed on for 5 min the check skills, saw chatter about fighting, undocked in a T1 fit tristan for lawlz, warped to planet, and had a navy comet and malediction warp on top of me. For some odd reason they both stayed within range and for the longest time did no damage to me. As soon as I had one pointed I yelled in corp where to warp and waited 30 sec for help to come. During that 30 sec I managed to get the navy comet to half shields like a pro while they slowly start burning away my shields, then my armor, and as I'm hitting hull the support lands and we finish off the navy comet and then the malediction. I warped away in 25% structure and logged a few minutes after that!

The next day I log in and jump on mumble to hear Lex having a laugh over a 1v1 he is in. Apparently the battle went on for about 30 min as neither ships tank could be broken. I undocked in the trusty old T1 fit rifter and headed their way. The 1v1 was soon broken up by a hurricane who warped off once we started coming into system. I saw where he warped and followed but guessed wrong at the range and he got away before I could get point. Luckily as he warp of the vengeance that Lex was fighting warps on top of me. Fully expecting to play hero tackle and go down for the kill I burn at him hit him with point, web, and nuet and call for backup. Support lands and we manage to finish the vengeance off and keep my ship at 50% structure. Was great fun. I can't seem to get rid of these T1 fit frigs!

KBG is continuing to grow. We got a few future recruits still in OUCH learning the basics and I'm looking forward to getting them in a few of Lex's fleets to see how well they explode! We still have plenty of room to grow and some great pilots if new recruits have any questions or need some fits! As usual any info can be had through myself, Nashh Kadavr, or Cyber Ten about recruitment and such.

Friday, October 21, 2011

War On 3 Fronts

War #1 - Amarr/Caldari

Although we don't really care about the militia war efforts (besides gaining rank and a small amount of lp there is nothing to gain for killing or taking  other militia systems) it has offered us a few fun filled fights on gates and stations without the worry of sentry guns! That's really the only perk for being in the militia right now. One of the things i dislike about this war is its too much like null sec! They blob so we blob. We blob so they blob. Endless cycle really. The Minmatar militia's "secure" channel isn't so secure and and no decent intel or fleets are posted in there. So when the KGB got kicked out of that channel it wasn't a loss! (BTW Nashh..... we got kicked out of minnie militia secure.... oops!)

War #2 - Almost Epic..... riiiiiiiiiiiiiight

So this corp was founded on the basis of training noobs for pvp and militia. (so they claimed in a few of their rants) But apparently training has been canceled or the trainers are retarded because one of their members didn't get the overview training that he needed. He fired upon and taunted Nashh in local while Nashh, also in local, was telling him they were in the same militia. Nashh exploded and soon sent a mail to the CEO of above corp with our demands. Demands were not met so we war dec them. In the past week of war we have killed 5 and lost 1 and have also been watching their member count drop. Rumor has it that they are fail cascading due to inactiveness and lack of talent but until then war wages on and more of their isk will be lost! This war is the main reason we have been kicked from militia secure channel.

War #3 - Black Rebel Rifter Club

Although this one has not started yet, it looks to be an exciting war. The Rebels have heard our global advertisements and noticed (quite slowly mind you) that they were mentioned by us as being "not quite rivals" of the KGB but more or less easy targets for our pilots! In order to try and prove us wrong they have war dec'd us. I find this war to be very one sided. They easily out number us 3-1 but we will allow them to bring friends to even the odds if necessary. Either way there will be plenty of GFGF's to be had in this war and many wrecks to be looted.

All in all the next week or so will be action filled and great fun!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kadavr Black Guard Broadcasted Worldwide

We had a bit of a chat with Kirith Kodachi on his Ninveah Podcast which was great fun... Nashh got a fat head and spoke all about himself for the first 19 min but about that time Cyber Ten and myself chimed in and got the good stuff rolling. Listen in HERE!

Maybe we will be doing this ften with new voices and intel on some nub war targets! Tis all for now!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Battle Report!

A few battle reports that stand out over the past week!

Tues Oct 11

Nashh logs on and we jump in fleet getting ready to do a quick little roam around our home. 20 sec into having fleet formed and Nashh jumping into next system, he says in comms that he is being targeted by 2 rifters. Nashh is flashy so the rifters can engage on gate but they just target at first and seeing as Nashh was in his rupture it makes since for them to not fire too hastily. They eventually open up guns as Nashh sees loki on scan. He jumps back into Dal and warps to sun just in time for the loki pilot to jump in behind and see where he went. The rifters eventually jump in and warp onto Nashh along with the loki. Being the epic pvpers that we are, in the short time we had already set up to catch the loki. Nashh easily takes out a rifter by himself while he removes point on the other rifter to point the loki. (Nashh had a temporary lack of faith in our arazu pilot) The second rifter warped but by then no one cared as the loki was pointed by 3 of our ships and ecm'd by our falcon. He went down with a glorious explosion. He refused a convo for ransom so his pod was soon to follow.

Wed Oct 12

We were roaming around Amarr space looking for the usual blob but only really finding scared little rabbits. We come across a drake that seems to want to play. We engage on gate and he quickly ceases fire and waits out his jump timer. He barely makes it out but as he jumps, a hurricane and armageddon warp in. Both ships start to cycle there guns but eventually the hurricane moves out of range as all our focus is on the armageddon and its juicy kill mail. He eventually goes down as the hurricane jumps through gate. We stick around a bit to loot and see if anything else decides to come our way. The hurricane soon jumps back in as a navy issue omen comes on scan. They call hurricane primary as nothing else is on field at that time but soon enough the omen lands and primary changes. I fall to the guns of the hurricane as I start slowing down and changing direction to get in range for the omen. The omen is dropped easily enough and the cane warped or jumped back through gate.

Later that night, in an attempt to save Nashh from a presumed station camp, Lex and myself set off to scream at the fleet in local! Lex jumped in to system to find a neutral daredevil willing to play. The loot gods where kind to Lex in this nice show of Kadavr superiority. Come to find out Nashh was being a dweeb and wasn't being camped at all!

Thurs Oct 13

Nashh decided to test his probing skills with his newly trained probing alt and 6 jumps later finds a tengu plexing. I rally the troops into fleet and we head out as quickly as possible to make pew! 5 min later we are on out gate waiting for jump and warp command. Tackle jumps in, warps to site and.... nothing. Instead of keeping eyes on target the tackle got fleet warped to site. So Nashh keeps his cloaky alt at site as tackle jumps out to give the illusion of boredom. Just as tackle jumps out Nashh says tengu is back. Thinking all or nothing at this point Nashh orders everyone to jump in... I slapped him around a bit and got everyone to at least give the tackle a head start so we don't alert the tengu pilot too soon. We jump in and warp as tackle is being called. Scan shows a hurricane besides ours somewhere but local shows a friendly of our targeted tengu. Our vagabond tackle goes down under the assault of the cane and tengu but the tengu soon drops under the assault of 4 neuts and 12 guns. Cane pilot valiantly fought to the bitter end for his tengu friend but in the end the black guard won the day.

So far, very little isk lost to a whole lot of isk destroyed. Definitely not the only kills of the week but some of the more notable so far! Fly safe!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Divide and Conquer

So today was full of amarr fail. Me and Cyber Ten , one of KGB's most recent additions, decide to fly around amarr space and deliver some good news. Me in the stabber and Cyber in a wolf, we settled into Kourmonen, dropped some probes but just weren't able to catch anybody. A few hits on the probes ended up leading directly to stations or empty space. So we decide to move on to Huola. I go ahead and warp to gate while cyber pulls in drones and such from an alt. As usual while im in warp to the gate a fleet jumps through same gate. Fun times and amarr fails are about to happen!

Ok so I land on gate and see at least 10 amarr there. Now being a pro gtfo pilot I effortlessly go into gtfo mode. Quick check to see ships types and an easy assumption of what this fleet will do. Basic stuff really. They will lock and engage me with one ship while jumping the rest of their fleet in for an "easy" kill. The above happens according to plan and, instead of being a frantic newb and thinking I gotta jump in asap and beat the fleet to warp, I hold on gate. 75% shields, hold on gate. 50% shields, hold on gate. 25% shields, hold on gate. 15% shields, incoming gate fire from hostile ship, out going gate fire from me! Amarr fail #1. Dunno the ship that came through but I do know it was apart of that fleet! I also know that its one less dps on the other side of gate. So holding cloak and letting some shield regen I look around and see nothing of real concern and it seemed to me they were relying on a dramiel for tackle so meh easy stuff. 25% shield (plenty) I approach gate breaking my cloak and hit the mwd. Red boxes everywhere with ships and drones coming at me and I jump through 10% shields and leave them with no kill and an aggression timer to deal with. Fail tackle = Amarr fail #2

By this time I'm thinking to myself, at most ill have to get clear of 2 ships or kill them.. either way im golden. Well apparently they brought along a few more friends for some fun. About 6 ships on this side no big deal to get away from them, just gotta wait for the right time. 2 things worked to my advantage at this point. First, my cloaked location was directly between the out gate and the hostiles for an easy align that would work for my benefit and second, I had loki boosts! Loki boost gave my mwd speed output a nice little boost. So align to Auga gate, mwd, overheat and I'm gone. Now I could have gone to a safe but that's no fun. I ran my mwd  to the point where my cap would be empty after next cycle then I warped. OH NOES CANT MAKE IT ALL THE WAY!!!! Well they didnt know that. So naturally they chase the stabber. Well a crow and a dramiel chase the stabber. I end up 3k away from gate. Cyber is on gate and watches the dram and crow land. I warp to gate immedietly thinking we can kill at least one of these guys before fleet comes. I land, start targeting the crow and the dram... jumps?Fail #3. Crow aggresses and we make short work of this pilot. As he splodes the dram returns to system and the fleet is just landing on gate. Cyber burns out of range and I decide to go crazy and warp back to the Hualo gate at zero. No one on gate but the dram lands right behind and decides to.....jump??Fail #4  Apparently this smart guy thought I was gonna jump out?? Well I align to safe and hit mwd again. Dram pilot returns to system and starts burning towards me. I warp to safe then decide I need repairs! Another corp mate decides to join up and while I'm repairing they kill a nice little slicer.

So we toy with this fleet for a bit more. trying to get their smaller ships to come at us so we could burn them down and warp before fleet landed but eventually they got bored with us and went back to Hualo. Naturally we were having too much fun and by this time 2 more corp mates had joined up for some pew so we were feeling good. We jump in and the gate is clear. We disperse throughout the system checking for anything that might be fun to splode and find nothing. good bit of stuff on scans but nothing reachable. Then we get a slicer on scan near the Kourmonen gate. I warp and land on top of a slicer. With only a disruptor fit I figured id have to run the mwd full time to stay within range of my disruptor. My plan went well until I burned out disruptor and mwd. Slicer warped off in structure as a dominix landed with something else I didn't stick around to see. I dock up, repair, and jump back to Kourmonen for a more controlled environment. I'm scanning at a safe in Kourmonen when the original fight on the Hualo gate began. Original targets were Amarr for sure but at some point  neutrals came into the fight started attacking our flashy guys! I target them looking for weakest link and find a ceptor already taking damage from Anabaric's stabber. Trying to help my corp mate out I decide to take gcc and my chances with the gate guns. Overheated weapons and we make short work of the ceptor. I got out with a bit of armor damage but Anabaric was held down by a rapier and fleet issue stabber and popped a few seconds later.

Cyber Ten had to call it quits to go shave his legs for swim practice and I decided to take a break and watch a movie. All in all a productive day since I finally have more kills than losses since joining Kadavr Corps! I'm also currently ahead in a corp competition so good news all around XD