Monday, September 26, 2011

Amarr Tears and Contradictions!

In usual fashion Nassh Kadavr logs in and we start getting ready for a nice bit of possible pew. We set out and don't even get to leave system. Nashh in his Sleipnir landed on a gate where a neutral Dominix was on gate. Soon enough comes a gate fire and an Amarr Machariel decloaks and both ships target Nashh. Thinking they are working together Nashh warps off with a bit of banter in local!

[ 2011.09.24 02:55:02 ] Nashh Kadavr > Brutis Kahn o/
[ 2011.09.24 03:02:09 ] Lord's Servant > awww
[ 2011.09.24 03:02:10 ] Lord's Servant > nassh
[ 2011.09.24 03:02:16 ] Nashh Kadavr > wait
[ 2011.09.24 03:02:16 ] Lord's Servant > y u run? :)
[ 2011.09.24 03:02:38 ] Nashh Kadavr > Lord's Servant & Brutis Kahn are together ?
[ 2011.09.24 03:02:40 ] Nashh Kadavr > wtf
[ 2011.09.24 03:02:46 ] Nashh Kadavr > i thought podla was cool

Turns out that they were not working together but because of the Mach entering the field, all 3 thought the other 2 were together. (This is where Amarr Contradictions start) The Domi pilot soon popped but got his pod out. Realizing we could get a few kills out of this we team up with the neutral pilot and supply him with a fresh Myrmidon. Using the illusion that we aren't in fleet together and that Nashh is "afk" we get the Myrm to bait the Mach close enough to the station to launch our counter attack!

The Mach gets sucked in rather easily, believing he is going to get another easy kill. His friends, who had left system, are back and about that time I land on the field with my armor Cane and Nashh undocks his Thanny and starts the reps. Mach starts a slow melt with the Myrm and Canes guns + drones but soon begins a much greater melt when the Thanny fighters get on him. About half armor on the Mach and a buddy of his drops in with a Harpy. No big deal really but the Mach pops and the Harpy is still there. Points on him and he drops in time for their friends in a Drake and a Cynabal to warp in.

The Drake and Cynabal were a bit far from each other (at least for my armor fit Cane) so I focused all I had on the closest ship which was the Drake. Myrm and Thanny focus on the juicy Cynabal while I over heated my scram and webs to hold the Drake down. I didn't get on the Cynabal kill mail but about the time it popped I over overheated my points and they burned out.
I'm assuming the Drake stayed because he knew his fate but he had a good 30 sec to warp off before the Myrm could point him. He popped non the less. A fleet of about 15+ Amarr came before we had time to do anything else and we decided to dock up for repairs and such to see what they do. We naturally stayed out long enough to verify that they were indeed coming for us!

Now for the tears and contradictions! I want everyone to notice the YELLOW tears and the BLUE background contradictions. Also the one idiot with the WHITE background! Tears are easy enough to get but the contradictions ill help you out with!

They bitch about being ganked yet they ganked the Dominix 10 min earlier! Fail! IN the bottom mail between involved parties the Amarr claims he was originally soloing yet 5 Amarr, 4 of which are in same corp, are on that same Dominix kill. Fail again! He also states "WE assumed seeing as there were other WT's in local you'd come in and give US a fight" Notice the WE and the US indicating he wasn't alone! Then he mentions his backup was a bit overkill for the Dominix and again proving he wasn't alone. Notice in the local logs he says he would never blob. Then in eve mails he claims the Amarr blob came because of the carrier. Regardless the reasons, a blob is a blob! FAIL FAIL FAIL!

[2011.09.24 03:25:38 ] Lord's Servant > meh gf
[ 2011.09.24 03:25:44 ] Lord's Servant > thanny bit is a bit meh
[ 2011.09.24 03:25:49 ] Lord's Servant > id be fine with a neuting phoon or domi
[ 2011.09.24 03:30:51 ] Lord's Servant > aww cmon
[ 2011.09.24 03:30:54 ] Lord's Servant > bring dem shinies out
[ 2011.09.24 03:30:59 ] Lord's Servant > I brought mine
[ 2011.09.24 03:31:07 ] Stogfia > doooooit
[ 2011.09.24 03:31:08 ] Lord's Servant > u brought out a carrier
[ 2011.09.24 03:31:12 ] Lord's Servant > Im fine with that
[ 2011.09.24 03:31:15 ] Lord's Servant > just give us a fight at least
[ 2011.09.24 03:31:22 ] Lord's Servant > dont stay docked and not give us a fight :(
 [2011.09.24 03:31:29 ] Acute Dragonis > gf guys
[ 2011.09.24 03:33:03 ] Lord's Servant > no gf? :(
[ 2011.09.24 03:33:36 ] Brutis Kahn > gf
[ 2011.09.24 03:34:06 ] Lord's Servant > I mean gf as in u guys actually fight :(
[ 2011.09.24 03:34:08 ] Lord's Servant > instead of gank

[ 2011.09.24 03:34:25 ] Nashh Kadavr > meh
[ 2011.09.24 03:34:32 ] Lord's Servant > I was flying a mach I understand u dont exactly engage solo
[ 2011.09.24 03:34:34 ] Lord's Servant > 4 v 1 np
[ 2011.09.24 03:34:36 ] Lord's Servant > im fine with that :)
[ 2011.09.24 03:34:42 ] Lord's Servant > im even fine with dying, as I did
[ 2011.09.24 03:34:46 ] Lord's Servant > but to bring a carrier....

[ 2011.09.24 03:34:52 ] Lord's Servant > and THEN when we rebalance the scales
[ 2011.09.24 03:34:52 ] Nashh Kadavr > meh

[ 2011.09.24 03:34:58 ] Nashh Kadavr > you brought a fleet lol
[ 2011.09.24 03:35:00 ] Lord's Servant > u just dock up and blueball us?
[ 2011.09.24 03:35:05 ] Lord's Servant > u undocked a carrier :P
[ 2011.09.24 03:35:17 ] Nashh Kadavr > you had a mach and a tangyu and some otehr stuffs
[ 2011.09.24 03:35:23 ] Nashh Kadavr > i had a sleipnir
[ 2011.09.24 03:35:25 ] Acute Dragonis > we didnt bring a carrier
[ 2011.09.24 03:35:30 ] Acute Dragonis > it was already here
[ 2011.09.24 03:35:35 ] Nashh Kadavr > lol
[ 2011.09.24 03:35:47 ] Lord's Servant > mach vs domi and sleip was a relatively even fight
[ 2011.09.24 03:35:57 ] Lord's Servant > we assumed seeing as there were other WT's in local youd come in and give us a fight [ 2011.09.24 03:35:58 ] Nashh Kadavr > well
[ 2011.09.24 03:36:02 ] Nashh Kadavr > i wasnt w the domi
[ 2011.09.24 03:36:11 ] Nashh Kadavr > we only teqamed up after tbh
[ 2011.09.24 03:36:12 ] Lord's Servant > I know
[ 2011.09.24 03:36:29 ] Lord's Servant > I know, and as a result my backup was a bit over the top for the domi :P [ 2011.09.24 03:36:47 ] Nashh Kadavr > lol np man
[ 2011.09.24 03:36:49 ] Lord's Servant > but undocking a CARRIER for a solo mach with some possible backup?
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:00 ] Nashh Kadavr > i think a gf is fair then all in all no?
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:10 ] Lord's Servant > undock 4 ppl, hell undock a neuting phoone or domi but a carrier off the bat? :P
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:19 ] Lord's Servant > it was a gf til the carrier
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:22 ] Lord's Servant > it could stil BE a gf
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:24 ] Lord's Servant > if u give us a fight
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:27 ] Acute Dragonis > if ya got it flaunt it
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:30 ] Lord's Servant > but it doesnt look that way :(
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:31 ] Nashh Kadavr > lol
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:33 ] Lord's Servant > precisely :)
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:35 ] Nashh Kadavr > soz man
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:36 ] Lord's Servant > I got it I flaunt it
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:44 ] Lord's Servant > but I dont look to do faggoty stuff with it
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:45 ] Nashh Kadavr > i dont have any bs's
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:56 ] Nashh Kadavr > i use the carreir for transport only
[ 2011.09.24 03:37:58 ] Nashh Kadavr > well
[ 2011.09.24 03:38:02 ] Nashh Kadavr > untill just now
[ 2011.09.24 03:38:08 ] Lord's Servant > 3 BCs work p. well too...
[ 2011.09.24 03:38:11 ] Hans Jagerblitzen > this is really funny....amarr complaining that they cant get a GF :)
[ 2011.09.24 03:38:15 ] Hans Jagerblitzen > /emote grabs popcorn
[ 2011.09.24 03:38:30 ] Lord's Servant > hold two secs
[ 2011.09.24 03:38:34 ] Lord's Servant > /emote checks history
[ 2011.09.24 03:38:45 ] Lord's Servant > nope, not the same guy
[ 2011.09.24 03:38:52 ] Lord's Servant > anyhoo
[ 2011.09.24 03:38:59 ] Brutis Kahn > I have to admit, after all the times I've been blue balled or blobbed by amarr, i haven't got a lot of sympathy =)
[ 2011.09.24 03:39:03 ] Lord's Servant > its just kinda meh
[ 2011.09.24 03:39:11 ] Hans Jagerblitzen > yeah
[ 2011.09.24 03:39:13 ] Lord's Servant > I will never blue ball or blob
[ 2011.09.24 03:39:21 ] Brutis Kahn > Then why are you in amarr? :P
[ 2011.09.24 03:39:22 ] Lord's Servant > and I up til now expected the same of Nash and his crew
[ 2011.09.24 03:39:22 ] Hans Jagerblitzen > so next time we're out in BC's, leave the baddons in station
[ 2011.09.24 03:39:36 ] Hans Jagerblitzen > and just go balls out with same size fleet, best men win
[ 2011.09.24 03:39:39 ] Lord's Servant > (there are very few ppl in minnie fw I consider up for GFs, and I thought Nash was, but....)
[ 2011.09.24 03:39:46 ] Nashh Kadavr > soz Lord's Servant i offered what i thought was comming
[ 2011.09.24 03:39:58 ] Acute Dragonis > and it did
[ 2011.09.24 03:40:00 ] Acute Dragonis > just late
[ 2011.09.24 03:40:07 ] Predator Elite > dame shut it u fucker
[ 2011.09.24 03:40:17 ] Lord's Servant > anyhoo
[ 2011.09.24 03:40:19 ] Nashh Kadavr > i think we did battal w 3 vs many and we chose ships to suit that
[ 2011.09.24 03:40:21 ] Nashh Kadavr > tbh
[ 2011.09.24 03:40:32 ] Nashh Kadavr > you had bs, strat, and assorted stuff
[ 2011.09.24 03:40:41 ] Nashh Kadavr > we had 2 bc and a carreir
[ 2011.09.24 03:40:44 ] Nashh Kadavr > so
[ 2011.09.24 03:40:47 ] Lord's Servant > eh not really, but Ill hit ya back later :)
[ 2011.09.24 03:40:52 ] Nashh Kadavr > isk wize you brought 4 times as much as we did
[ 2011.09.24 03:40:54 ] Lord's Servant > just dont go using that carrier again
[ 2011.09.24 03:40:56 ] Lord's Servant > trust me :)
[ 2011.09.24 03:41:02 ] Nashh Kadavr > as i said
[ 2011.09.24 03:41:07 ] Nashh Kadavr > its a transport ship
[ 2011.09.24 03:41:08 ] Lord's Servant > ask kirith about ppl i know :p
[ 2011.09.24 03:41:10 ] Lord's Servant > o/
[ 2011.09.24 03:41:14 ] Nashh Kadavr > sorry if i have offended you
[ 2011.09.24 03:41:21 ] Nashh Kadavr > and sorry bout your mach
[ 2011.09.24 03:41:27 ] Nashh Kadavr > /emote shrugs

Eve mails after the fact!

Re: Re: Fight
From: Nashh Kadavr
Sent: 2011.09.24 13:38
To: Lord's Servant,

right fair enough mate but tbh it looks like that domi dropped to considerably more than just your mach.
Anyways, sorry you dont feel it was a fair fight but i guess nobody ever does unless they win.
take care.

Re: Fight
From: Lord's Servant
Sent: 2011.09.24 04:13
To: Nashh Kadavr,
Ive been ganked, ecm drones, carrier dropped, carrier station ganked(now), stealthbobmer dropped, falcon alt'd, and all sorts of other faggoty stuff by other minmatar. I try not to judge ppl and give them the chance for a gf, Irregardless of side.
I only return the favor vs those who have already shown themselves incapable of a gf....
I appreciate the mail but the whole "amarr blob me" thing isnt a valid excuse imo.
I'll always be down for a gf and often will take steps to preserve said gf no matter what....the amarr "blob" wouldnt have come if the carrier never undocked. I was originall soloing when I tackled u and the domi engaged me ;)
From: Nashh Kadavr
Sent: 2011.09.24 04:03
To: Lord's Servant,
Hey Lord,
Sorry bout your loss mate but I have to stand by it that if we would have undocked in anything less we would have had that entire ammar fleet drop on our ass. anyways I dont have to explain you the principals of blobbing, i think perhaps the carreir was a bit much but all in all it was a GF and i think we should leave it at that.
You are a nice and sound guy and it would be a shame to fall out about a fight that didnt go in someones favour. 1 if most if not all of my last engagements with the amar militia i have been either destroyed by a stupid majority or forced of the field in my solo rifter vs multiple faction cruisers etc.
Anyways. all i am saying is sorry if you felt it wasnt a fair fight but i did the best i could with the means i got, acute and myself have bc nothing bigger, the carreir is genuinly for transport and this is my first combat with it. agaist what we were facing i think we did ok.
i digress
take care

Now to the white back ground! [ 2011.09.24 03:40:07 ] Predator Elite > dame shut it u fucker. I am not nor have I ever been an alt of Dame Death. We all LOL'd at your ignorance. But it's apparent that Dame has done something to you and/or your corp in the past that you did not like. Seeing as you are Amarr I applaud whatever it is he did and back it 100%. Maybe if you didnt fail so hard he wouldnt have done it to you!! Good Day

One last thing... Notice that the term "faggoty" is used by the Amarr pilot. The only real "faggoty" thing I noticed in this engagement was the fact that the Amarr Pilots whored on their own fleet losses... FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIL!!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

String of Bad Luck

So I joined the wormhole corp knowing I was going in for the isk. I knew I'd be getting very little kills, if any, and would probably suffer from a few loses since wormhole space was new to me! It pretty much all played out they was I knew it would. Few kills here and there and a few losses here and there. For the most part though my kill/death ratio was staying about even. Until recently when I finally joined the PvP corp.

I'm pvp, I'm use to losses, and I know its part of the game. Ive suffered some pretty big losses in my career and I've dealt with those as everyone else would. (went outside and cursed at the top of my lungs) Recently though, its not the quality of my loss mails as much as  the quantity of loss mails that's getting to me. Again I'm used to losing.... but not so much.... Granted a few of my losses were me having fun and eventually getting caught in a bubbled wormhole or me thinking I docked and going afk to deal with the twins then coming back to see myself sploding just in time to get my pod out. Currently I'm 5-20 since joining up under the Kadavr banner. Id say I hit a bit of a slump!

Its just not something I'm familiar with. Maybe I'm getting old and my reflexes are getting a bit shotty? My isk destroyed out ways my isk lost by a good bit but id still prefer green all around the board. It could be I'm going out solo more often than I did before. I was originally a null sec pilot but didn't do much on the blob wars. I stuck to the small gang roams. I also was a -10 pirate for a spell but even then I was flying with 2 other pilots. It could also be I'm used to flying battle cruisers. Other than a recon or bomber I was rarely seen in anything smaller than a BC. With the null sec alliances you are seldom ever asked to bring a frig and its usually required for you to bring BC or up!

(As I'm typing this we kill an Amarr Scumbag and then join up with Shadow Cartel and knock out this little carebear)

To be honest, I truly believe it because I don't care. I'm flying a rifter... what is there to care about. Ill just buy a new one and be on my way. With the BC's cost a bit more, maybe I was a bit more weary about what I attacked. While flying a rapier I would tackle get a few pot shots in then warp out once my shield were almost gone and the gang finished them off. Solo rifter.... meh if I lose it I lose it.

(Feck just lost another rifter.....)

So I guess I just gotta look forward to when I get my groove back because I might be back in the wormhole before long if I keep this slump up!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

2 Years +++

So I spoke in an older post about staying focused on skill training. I started thinking about it, trying to motivate myself to start leaning some of these level 4 skills up to 5. I decide to go through my skill list and see how many skills i needed to get to level 5. I have a total of 42 skills (out of 194 I have learned) that are level 4. I think to myself "Ok that's not too bad, ill be done before I know it!" So I decide to do some math.

*This is about the time I shat myself a little*

Apparently to get the level 4 skills, that would actually really matter, to level 5 would take me 2 years and 2 months. I came to this number by only taking into consideration the days it would take to learn something, I did not add hours into the equation so it may be closer to 3 or 4 months. Also, this does not include any skill below level 4 that I may learn before I start this process! Now I'm accustomed to making skill plans on a small scale, a few weeks and such, but a 2 year skill plan? Sheesh!

Knowing there are a few skills I need to train before I attempt this, I decided ill start January 1st. Ill get through with some of the loose end skills and will probably ad more to the skill plan by the new year! I also came to the conclusion that there is no way in hell that I will be able to stick to this plan but I am committed to seeing how far I can actually go with it! Worse thing that can come from this is I get a whole bunch of new certificates!

*The Plan*

Year 1

January 1st - Neural Remap for a more even learning time frame, Start skill training plan in drones and work my way down
March - End Drone training and move to Electronics
Mid July - End Electronic training and start Engineering
End Of October/Beginning Of November - End Engineering training, and start Navigation

Year 2

Mid January - End Navigation training and start Gunnery
End Of July - End Gunnery training and start Missile Launcher Operation
Beginning Of November - End MLO and start Spaceship Command


Now This skill plan is set around NOT having any implants in. Also I may knock out a few of the 4 day skills within the next 3 1/2 months. I also plan to use Spaceship Command as a "I'm tired of learning this skill I need to switch" option. You ll also notice that all skill sections aren't represented. That's either because I don't have any level 4 skills in them or they aren't PvP oriented so I'm not worried about them.

No matter what I think It will be an interesting 2 years and hopefully New Eden doesn't implode on itself before I'm done.

Wish me luck!!

Also Kadavr Black Guard is still recruiting!!! We are growing and gaining momentum. We have an elite group of pilots including, Alexia Morgan, Dame Death, Nashh Kadavr, Venom Orchid, Anabaric, and our newest edition....... Mr Kirith Kodachi himself!!!! Come enjoy some Minmatar Faction Warfare with us and lets make more Amarr tears!!


Saturday, September 3, 2011

AAA vs The Russians

I started my scanning as soon as I logged in yesterday. Found the usual C3 exit and continued my scanning in the C3 for the null sec static and any other possible static that may be there. Only 4 sigs for the entire system so wasn't long before I had the null sec exit to AAA controlled 3GD6-8. My natural pvp instinct tells me to warp around belts and the station to see if the carebears are around but find nothing. I do notice that there are a few Sov blockers onlining and seems to me that they were most likely on edge and playing it safe so I decided to head back to the hole and start killing some sleepers.

A few corpies and I start knocking out some sites and after a few are cleared we drop some probes to see if anything new has popped up. Now there are 5 sigs and we quickly probe down a new wormhole leading to high sec! The exit is close to a corpies noctis so he decides to run and get it while I run into Minmatar space for another corpies drake! It takes us about an hour to get everything with afk's and a corpie forgetting to bm the hole entrance. We finally get back in and by this time its just 2 of us active. So while I'm changing ships at the pos my corpie Takung is cleaning up wrecks in the C3. At first I didn't understand him, so I was a bit slow to respond but eventually I understood completely.

Apparently an arazu had found him and had him warp disrupted. (later Tak realized that the pilot was trying to ransom him in local but most wormhole dwellers don't pay any attention to local and he wouldn't have paid anyways) So I swap out of my tengu and go to a nos cane thinking this will be a fight against the C3 locals and they may bring T3's. I warp to C3 entrance and Tak says he is in pod and the arazu has friends with him now. I jump, start warp, tak said he has been podded, and I'm thinking I'm about to have some fun! I land on top of  Tak's wreck and all that's there is a heretic.  I'm pretty close to him so I charge in knowing a bubble is coming and he will be faster than me so hopefully I can get in and suck his cap dry before he is too far. No such luck as he drops a bubble then quickly gets out and warps off. As soon as he warps his arazu buddy uncloaks and naturally warp disrupts me from a good distance away. I drop drones and start burning towards him while overheating the mwd. His drones are doing little to my shield but I get close enough for my guns and start eating his shield. Around that time a drake lands 30k behind me with the heretic landing right behind him.

I assume the arazu didn't warp off because he didn't think I would kill him before his friends killed me but once the heretic and drake came on I knew I wouldn't last for too long. The heretic dropped another bubble and with the damage I started to take I switched from burning at the arazu to burning out of the bubble! I get out of the bubble with about 25% armor but still cant warp obviously so I just keep firing and burning while I wait for a right time to eject and get my pod out. At about 25% structure I eject as the arazu goes BOOM as well! I warp off to the C4 entrance with a quick gf in local (with no response) They win the quantity of kills award I win the isk destroyed award!

So I reship into a hound and go check out the wrecks. Nothing of use left so I decided to check the km and noticed that my killers were AAA. I decide to head back out into 3GD6-8 and see if they decided to become more active.  I notice a lot more people in local and a cyno up so I warp in at 100k. The sov blocker is about 5 min away from onlining so I assume its AAA bringing in some ships to get rid of them. I land and see nothing but red.... and white... A nice sized abaddon fleet made up of Red Alliance and White Noise. I sit and watch as they guard their sov blocker. A random bomber drops  a bomb and kills a rookie ship. (don't ask me why the rookie ship was there... silly Russians!) So the fleet starts aligning and somehow the pod gets way out of the fleet going a different way and all, so I put out a call into corp chat seeing if anyone wants to warp in for a quick pod kill. One corpie jumps at the chance to kill a ruskie but he didn't have any of the bm's to get out. Once I got him out and warped back to the pod, it was gone.

So I sit and watch for a bit hoping to get a straggler or that pod on scans. The abaddon fleet decides to warp of to the hub once the sov blockers were set and I followed. At the hub another cyno was up and several caps and supercaps including a titan came in to knock off the hub. Through the chaos that was ships, drones, and fighters I managed to pick out the pod that I had lost earlier. Seeing no chance at getting him I continued to just watch and wait. 15-20 minutes of hitting the hub and it finally explodes. The fleet then all align and warp off to the station. All but one. The pod pilot, obviously getting tired of sitting at his screen watching his fleet shoot the hub, went afk for who knows what reason. I'm a 100k away and start the slow flight to get into orbit around him! Orbiting at 7.5k i xx for warp and a few seconds later we have Russian pod goo all over space!

Yeah yeah its just a pod kill... BUT its a Russian!! That gotta count for something. TBH I think I did more fighting against the Russian than AAA did... Poor little guys!

Friday, September 2, 2011

24 Hours Later!

Bzzzzt. Bzzzzzzzzzzzt. The stations comms are coming to life after Alexia's constant hacking.

Psssssh. "Can anyone...." psssssht

Suddenly a loud buzzing sound makes everyone flinch and puts a good ringing in their ears.

"Damn it Alexia, is it working now?" Nashh's voice comes through clearer than before.

"Should be sure." Alexia says, sounding a bit far away from her comms.

"That what you said an hour ago....and an hour before that." Nashh states. "If he gets pissed off it's you he will be kicking in the twat, not me!

"You have a twat Sir?" Alexia asks, still a bit far from her comms.

Ignoring Alexia, Nashh begins scrolling through any messages he may have missed and finally calls Acute into the office.

"Before you say any thing Sir," Acute starts "You'll need to know we are ready as instructed. All ships are stocked with ammo, fuel, and crewmen. We just await your order!

"For now the order is stand down." Nashh says with a bit of a crackle in his voice.

"But Sir, we're ready to go!" Acute starts, but Nashh holds up a hand for silence.

 "I have no doubt that you and the other directors worked your asses off to get everyone ready. I also have no doubt about how prepared we are." Nashh explains. "Unfortunately Alexia wasn't the only one tampering with our comms and our war intent was leaked. The targets CEO contacted me personally and asked us to reconsider, in return they would leave Dame alone, for the most part!"

"What about the crewmen?" Acute asks. "They're itching for some explosions."

"Ill leave that up to you and Dame. I'm going for a week long leave." Nashh says. "You already know Alexia is on leave, which got cancelled for the war then reinstated, and Venom hasn't been reachable for days, no doubt stuck in a wormhole with no way out again. So do with the crewman as you see fit. Ive heard that the Amarr gits have been causing a stir around the bordering systems. Give them hell!"

"Yes Sir, but one quick question." Acute starts. "How long ago did their CEO contact you? The comms were down for about 13 hours."

"Id say maybe 30 minutes prior to our comms trouble, which was because Alexia was trying to listen in on the diplomatic talk." Nashh says. "She did come back to the station to fix it so don't hold too big of a grudge, she wanted to fight just as much as you.

"Where is she now Sir?" Acute asked.

"I believe she is getting ready to head back out on leave. Docking bay number 12 if my memory implant tells me correctly." Nashh says with a grin.

"Yes Sir" Acute says as he rushes out the door.