Sunday, July 22, 2012


So Since the last payday for the wormhole corp, my sidekick Adex III and I have been hitting the sites pretty hard to maximize our isk intake! All has been going good with 2 wormholes full of sites wiped clean by us alone and several others done with more corp members, we are well on our way to 2 bil profit depending on when they decide to take our lootz out. Unfortunately for us, last night went bad. Very bad!

So we clear a c4 statics sites and decide to close the wormhole and open a new one for more sites! All went well and we opened up the new static with 19 regular sites. Jackpot in our eyes! Keep in mind for me it is 10:30 pm when we start running these sites. So we are running site after site after site, checking dscan as we go and all is good. Gets to be about 2 am for me and my eyelids are getting heavy. I tell Adex that I'm about to call it cause I'm about to fall asleep but he talks me into doing more sites until we get another bil worth of lootz. I agree and run 2 more sites. He tells me we have a little over a bill in lootz and are good to go. At this point I get a little greedy and decide to do one more to attempt to even out our individual payments.

At this point its almost 3 am and I'm so tired that I'm not even thinking about dscan. So we finish the site and warp the noctis in for the lootz. Again feeling so tired I decide to lay my head on my desk. What seemed like a second (but really about 2 minutes) I was asleep. I open my eyes and look up to see multiple red boxes and bubbles around my fleet. Adex yells my name (I can only assume he kinda new I had fallen asleep) and I then start aligning out in an attempt to get out of the bubbles. Being a remote rep tengu and that the other 2 tengus on the field being jammed, my tengu went down.(my first t3 loss) I start moving my pod out as I'm still in the bubble, as I'm almost out they finally decide to finish the job and back to Dal I go. Soon the other 2 tengus go down as well but we are relieved to find out the noctis got out.

That was short lived as in the suspense the noctis jumps to the wormhole at 0 where they have a tackle waiting. Noctis jumps through hoping the stabs will be enough to prevent the tackle but in the end he had to jump back through and attempt to cloak. He managed to cloak but wasn't able to move fast enough and eventually got de-cloaked and died. just over 2.5 bil worth of ships destroyed and 1.1 bil worth of lootz lost. We were sad pandas. Granted the loss of or ships and even out lootz didn't phase us much. We were more annoyed at the complete waste of time our greediness cost us! Safe to say ill start stocking up on the mountain dew and red bull for our next late night run!

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Nashh Kadavr said...

he writes yet again!

unlucky but you boys make too much isk anyway.