Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Year, New Beginnings

Like most people, I always get a sense of renewal around the new year. That feeling of change that may or may not occur. Usually its a quick feeling as the same old baggage comes to slap you in the face and remind you that the only real change you'll be getting this year is heavier baggage.

Kadavr Conglomorate, another of Nashh Kadavr's  built corporations, has been through a lot in its few years living in wormholes. Gone from c4 to c5 and down to c2 wormholes, dealt with ups and downs of inactivity, evacuated a c5 wormhole, and even survived the incompetence of a so called "leader." The corp made it through a lot but not without scars. No direction or vision for the future, a kill board that was all but inviting, and members with limited or no experience in pvp. Change was both wanted and needed.

Enter Dead Space Hooligans. On the outside it looks like a corp made up of the same members that were in Kadavr Conglomorate, and it is. There is one major difference between them though. Morale! While we were in Kadavr it always seems like we were held down by the corps past. Not matter what we did we couldn't fix those mistakes. So instead of grinding through with all of the baggage that was Kadavr Conglomorate we decided to start fresh.

Again, on the outside it looks like an old rifter with a new paint job, but this rifter is purring like a kitten. We have worked out security measure that will keep our corp and members safer from corp thieves which means an easier time recruiting, which we will be opening up soon. Revamped our loot payout systems and increased incentives for those that go above and beyond on loot collections. Increased pvp activities, we are currently roaming in low sec for some basic training, and basic pos defense training. Our kill board, while not the best looking stats around, at least looks like it has a chance. New leadership that actually makes decisions and cares about the corp and its members. And a lot of other stuff that doesn't mean much to anyone outside the corp.

Change can be tough sometimes, but if its embraced it can renew the fighting spirit! We chose to change and are 10x better off now because of it!

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