Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Faded Paint

Just an update from the Hooligans.

We opened recruitment in march.  Its been a slow process to say the least but we have gotten a few decent hits as well as the occasional troll. Been trying to fill in a bit of EU slots to have more people on at different times but it seems Bill will have to talk to himself a bit longer. All and all its a slow climb but our hole is perfect for our size so we are good for the long haul.

Pvp, up until last month, was going well. We had some good fights in low, helped destroy a few PoS' in wormholes, and rolled some holes for a bit of pew. They are learning but still have a ways to go. Silly and avoidable loses seem to be our weakness. But as a whole our k/d ratio and damage done/rec ratio are positive which is a nice thing to have for a PvE corporation. It will at least make any aggressors think a bit and shows like most we wont just roll over or run. Home Defense I believe is solid. Being in a c2 makes things so much easier the main thing we lack is numbers but for the most part we are capable of holding our own. It also helps that we have caps and the aggressors wont. Not that that is a win button but its sure a plus for our side.

Isk as usual is being made. Solid PI planets provide most of our fuel. Industrial PoS' for some extra isk and sites, sites, and more sites. Although members have been less active this last month due to RL, the corp is still doing great. We have isk saved for our downtimes and still plenty for any extended period. Says a lot when members can pay for accounts with isk they made in the months prior. Just incase you cant hear what it says, it is saying we make a lot of isk!

All in all we are doing great! Slowly growing, learning, and improving. (mmm maybe Rixx will join up) Our baggage has definitely gotten lighter over the months as our wallets have gotten heavier and our hangers are filling up. Now all we need is Odyssey.

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